Guinness World Records help brands boost brand exposure

In a bid to boost both brand exposure and product superiority, a number of brands are beginning to utilise more creative marketing strategies such as breaking into the Guinness World Records (GWR). 

Gamevy and Gluck, who merged last year, used this technique at IGBLive last week after successfully breaking the current world record for the most people using a scratch card at one time. 

The GWR, now in its 64th year, has capitalised on brands wishing to break records by restructuring the company to build more commercial opportunities. 

“Of the top 100 brands in the world, 55 of them have GWR’s,” Sam Fay, senior vice president of global brand strategy at Guinness World Records recently told The Drum.

“It was about ten years ago, in 2009, when we started to get more inquiries from brands and businesses wanting to know if they could do record-breaking in their campaigns.”

Following on from the new opportunities, GWR has established a new dedicated ‘agency’ to help businesses break global records. It has been reported that the GWR receives over 1500 enquiries on a weekly basis, 45 per cent of which stem from commercial records. 

To fuel further growth in this division, GWR has recently launched a dedicated branded content division, Creative Campaign Solutions, tailored towards helping businesses break world records as part of a campaign or corporate event.

“What’s brilliant about meeting these brands and agencies is there is almost a chance to do something different with the heritage,” Fay said.

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