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Google Ads announces new smart bidding features

Google Ads recently announced new smart bidding features that will help affiliates and other users refine their use of these tools. Let’s take a closer look at some of these tools and how they can help you.

Apply seasonality adjustments at the manager account level

The smart bidding processes make use of machine learning to automatically set bids during auctions to help improve campaign performance. These will take seasonality into accounts, but Google Ads has made improvements to help cover it further when users can expect shifts in conversion rate.

These seasonal adjustments have been added at the manager account level. These will allow affiliates to set them at this top level rather than applying them to each individual account.

Top signals for Target ROAS and Maximise conversion value

At the moment, Google Ads only allows users to view top signals for campaigns that use Maximise conversions and Target CPA. This is now changing. These signals will soon become available for search campaigns that also use Target ROAS and Maximise conversion value.

Top signals are very important for an affiliate who uses conversion-based strategies. They highlight some of the dimensions where the current bid strategy will automatically optimise bids for those visitors who are more likely to convert than others.

Top signals can be found in bid strategies. They can include device type, day of the week, keywords, location, and a whole lot more. If a signal is in red, it is less likely to convert, whereas a green one is more likely to result in a conversion.

Use Target Impression Share simulators to predict performance

Simulators are incredibly important for helping affiliates and other Google Ads users to understand how actions like bid and budget changes could impact their performance overall. The simulator here was available for conversion and click-based bid strategies. However, it has now been extended to search campaigns that use Target Impression Share.

Using these changes, users should be able to understand how adjustments made to their target impression share can impact metrics like clicks, costs, and impression share. Smart bidding simulators can be selected based on a metric that the user wishes to target, such as conversion value, impressions, clicks, and more.

Implement Maximize conversion value bidding with recommendations

Google has chosen to make it easier for those using Google Ads to opt into Maximise Conversion value bidding. They have done this by choosing to offer new opportunities on the Recommendations page.

Recommendations will be for eligible Search campaigns and will help users to gain more conversion value within the scope of the budget available.

These are four key changes that affiliates and other marketers need to make sure that they understand how to use. These smart bidding features need to be mastered as they can very much help to finetune a campaign and give further insights into how conversions and clicks are handled. These new tools for Google Ads should be mastered and implemented into affiliate campaigns as soon as possible.

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