Digital Marketing Forum: Learn to target customers using social influencers

Ahead of the Digital Marketing Forum this month at Betting on Football, I caught up with two of our expert speakers Tom Bore and Tom Kerr from Goat, to find out exactly what they’d be sharing at this years event. 
LJ: Tell us about your expertise and how would you explain your business service and what sets you apart from your competition?

Goat is an influencer-first marketing agency, with global offices in London, New York, Singapore and Monaco. Goat delivers creative marketing solutions with guaranteed results and is a completely neutral influencer agency. We use data through our unique CRM system and campaign expertise, meaning we have an unbiased approach to our influencer selection and can ensure we are always using the most effective influencers in order to hit the clients KPIs. As an influencer marketing agency Goat is the bridge between brands and influencers connecting them in the most efficient and reliable way. Goat takes on any scale of campaign, from global to creative to size overcoming any obstacle that we are faced with. We have won various awards including The Drum Social Buzz Agency of the Year 2018 and this year we are shortlisted for the BT Sport Industry Awards Agency of the Year.

LJ: What does 2019 hold for social media. What trends and insights can you share with our delegates ahead of the event that they should be focusing on to drive traffic and acquisition with online audiences

After a year of fake news and data protection issues, 2019 is going to be a year for influencers, brands and affiliates alike to build trust with their audience by posting high quality, authentic and engaging content which resonates with their followers. The strongest channel to generate engagement and drive traffic is Instagram Stories. Informal, conversational style content with strong calls-to-action will be a huge driver of acquisition for affiliates.

LJ: What are you looking forward to most about speaking at the #DigitalMarketingForum?

We’re excited to help your delegates to take advantage of the huge opportunity to develop their business by harnessing the power of social media and build a really loyal following across their social channels.

LJ: What will delegates be able to do with the information you share with them at #DigitalMarketingForum? How will it impact their business growth?

They will be able to put in to practise a handful of hacks and tips to grow their social following and in turn grow their business, immediately.

LJ: Would you be able to give us a few highlights from your talk or points for delegates to consider before they get to hear and see you at this event?

Delegates will learn the unique power of each social platform including Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and why your content must be optimised for each platform, various ways of optimising each platform and which platform is more effective for different types of content.
To register for the Digital Marketing Forum – you can do so here

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