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Genius Sports Group take hold of Michigan

Betting supplier Genius Sports Group has been granted a supplier licence from the Michigan Gaming Control Board, showing potential for 2021 and onwards.

Supplier Licence

It is becoming apparent that online sports betting has a lot of potential across American states. Chief Commercial Officer of Genius Sports, Jack Davidson, believes that “the launch of online sports wagering in Michigan and Virginia is the latest evidence of the significant commercial and regulatory tailwinds propelling our industry”.

Supplier licences generally allow betting companies to enter wagering markets online. Gambling companies have been attempting to pair up with land-based casinos for some time to gain a licence and begin operating across the USA.

For Genius Sports Group, their licence allows both Betgenius and Genius Sports Media to control the sportsbook procedures of betting operators in Michigan. This is a huge step for the group as the state’s online wagering market has only been legalized fairly recently.

Michigan is currently the eleventh American state where Genius Sports Group products are live in action. The launch was on 22nd January 2021, allowing the group to legally start the year off in action.

What does the future hold?

For Genius Sports Group, they appear to have a fortunate road ahead as they are attempting to gain a supplier licence for more states as the months go on. The Group are aiming to achieve licence status in as many states as they can.

Jack Davidson again noted, “as more states build momentum toward legalization, Genius will continue preparing to quickly obtain state licences so that we can support our sportsbook partners in capturing market share from day one”.

This is great news for affiliates as there will be an even larger market to access now that Michigan is under Genius’ operation. Genius Sports Group are certainly one to watch for the duration of 2021.

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