GAMOMAT has released cutting-edge Double Rush feature

One of the leading independent slot developers, GAMOMAT has released its brand new Double Rush feature. This feature gives players the chance to double up their spin with just one stake. This new cutting-edge release is set to shake up the slot development industry.

Two spins in one

The new Double Rush feature is causing a lot of excitement in the industry and players will surely love what it has to offer. GAMOMAT is now allowing players to place one bet but watch the reels spin twice.

The spins follow each other consecutively and can offer an accumulative total win. This allows players to enjoy increased suspense while playing some of this German-based game developer’s slots.

Innovative gameplay

The Double Rush feature from GAMOMAT is launching today. This will have no impact on the individual game RTP or the return that the player can get.

Managing Director of GAMOMAT Distribution GmbH, Axel Niemann said: “GAMOMAT prides itself on providing the most exciting gameplay on the market and Double Rush is a perfect example. Our creative team has added this industry-first feature to take the enjoyment on the reels to yet another level.”

This news will get players back on their favourite casinos and affiliates should take note. GAMOMAT is gearing up for an impressive 2021.

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