Affiliate Spotlight: GamblersPick’s drive to create a community feel

The art of affiliate marketing has evolved especially in iGaming. Affiliates are now corporate entities and tightening regulations have resulted in a need for more responsible gambling initiatives. We caught up with rising affiliate star, House Tech Ads to talk about why they recently launched, a community-oriented casino comparison site designed to provide players with a deeper understanding of exactly where to bet safely and securely online.

Affiverse recently sat down with Oren Arzony, Director at House Tech Ads. He revealed how this new website initiative, GamblersPick plans to provide value to players, along with leading an industry revolution and more.

Affiverse: Why do you think that the past couple of months have been challenging for affiliates?

Oren Arzony: “Regulation has played a role. But having had it good for so long, it also seems like many affiliates are suffering from a stark comparison of their glory days.

“Many sites have found themselves falling into the trap of delivering a glib and me-too visitor experience, providing them with little beyond a basic laundry list of affiliate partnered operators.  

“The reputation of the sector as a whole has been an impersonal one of late, with scattergun approaches to M&A giving the sector something of a faceless feel. 

“Operator campaigns are increasingly delivering information and offers tailored to past activity. And many traditional affiliates are adopting similar, sound-alike information and failing to keep pace with modern player expectations.”

AI: GamblersPick aims to address these issues by creating a sense of community. How do you plan on doing this? 

OA: “So far, there have been few opportunities for players to come together and make their voices heard. Our website is specifically designed to provide a forum where players can share their thoughts and relish discussing these with others. This will ultimately create a more rewarding online casino experience for our users.

“Empowering users with a platform to tell each other about their experiences allows for a defined sense of inter-connectivity and community. This presents an opportunity for forward-thinking affiliates to take advantage of. You only need to look at the success of websites such as TripAdvisor to witness the impact of such a strategy in action.”

AI: How do you intend to build trust by encouraging unbiased reviews?

OA: “GamblersPick has a large database of opinion pieces that is constantly being added to by knowledgeable, experienced gaming commentators. Over 1,500 casinos are listed on our website, while there are more than 900 casino reviews and over 7,000 for games too.

“Player protection is a key principle that emanates from the movement that we stand for. After all, an online casino portal which focuses on collaboration and shared interest can engender a safer gambling experience.

“This goes for sharing the the sharing of information of negative experiences too, rather than just the positive. A greater level of trust is built through this, as is the confidence that all positive reviews are genuine.”

AI: What advice would you give to other affiliates to build a closer-knit offering around their community?

OA: “They say that it takes a village to raise a model citizen. And communities organised around common interests, with well-aligned values, are hugely beneficial. They can share educational experiences and hard-won knowledge for the greater good of the tribe.”

“Make no mistake, iGaming is still a fertile landscape for new comer affiliates. But naturally, they need to adapt to survive before thriving. The next generation of gaming jackpot-chasers are smart and chasing high-volume, but are also a lot more discerning. 

“Clearly, major affiliate networks have an opportunity to build a community of players, and one that can create an all-new generation of first-time depositors drawn by the sense of belonging that such a platform engenders.

“To match this, the next generation of portals must now take shape to greet these players in the marketplace. No matter which village they hail from.”


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