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Yesterday I had a bit of a brainwave…

I’d like to think that it was because of my new glasses, which (I think) make me look slightly more intelligent…. but really it was just a small realisation that occurred, after receiving a few emails where I was being asked things like:

“Lee, Can I get a few minutes of your time to answer some questions?”, “Lee-Ann, can I grab you for a coffee to pick your brain?”, “Hey , Lee – could you please help me with my affiliate programme?”

These sorts of emails regularly hit my inbox but it’s not always possible for me to oblige.Whilst I’m keeping a look out for what’s changing in our industry and what’s coming next to affiliate marketing, it’s hard to eck out the time to do more personal 1:1’s or even answer all of these emails in any given day.

I hate letting people down like that. 

We’ve had an influx of new enquiries from attending a conference earlier this month and I’ve also been knee deep in research for the past few days. I’m on a mission to find out what’s really wrong with our industry in relation to affiliate marketing. I want to discover new ways to help programmes and businesses grow.

It takes time a lot of time to keep coming up with new ways to do things, create new content and understand the impact of how digital is changing in relation to all of this. It’s at the core of what I love about my “every day”.

But Markets and margins are getting tighter to manage and I see more brands struggle to meet quotas or in some cases close their doors due to mis – management, poor programme terms and sales negotiations that are not beneficial and a general lack of understanding in terms of what an affiliate managers role really is.

And , It is making me really sad. 🙁

Here’s where the brainwave kicked in…. 

I want to reach the many.

I want to be more available.

I want to share what I’m learning in my every day.

So, I’m going to create something that WILL help others get the information they need, help them feel supported, and help them to GROW.

I’m also going to give it away for FREE. 

There’s no bullsh*t just straight up, honest, expert advice.


Because I’m THAT serious about changing the way our industry operates.

Because I know there are people out there that need guidance and help.

(I too suffer the templated outreach emails of untrained affiliate managers even still, and I’m not even an affiliate!!)

And to be 100% clear, I’m not going to be able to set up your affiliate marketing strategies FOR you. My time constraints won’t have changed between now and then. You’ll be doing ALL the work. However, I’m pretty sure I can offer you a simple DIY process to help you learn a few new tricks to to grow.

Starting from right now, anyone who wants to do more, be more and deliver more – gets closer access to me.

What’s the catch?
There is NONE!

All you have to do is REGISTER for the VIP WAIT LIST – and “hang tight” till I’m ready to start sharing it all with you.

ps. If you want to be involved in this initiative and help support me getting a wider audience reach or making a bigger impact for change – you may email me here or help

One last thing…

SHARE this post on your blog or into your social channels and help me spread the word too. 🙂 Thank You.

“Excellence is not a skill, it’s an attitude” – Ralph Marston

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