Four free keyword research tools for affiliates

No matter how advanced targeting becomes for affiliates, keywords will remain an important way of getting in front of your audience. And while some research tools will eat into your budget, it’s not always necessary to pay for one.

Here are four free keyword research tools that’ll help you become more discoverable.


Although RankTracker has a more advanced paid version, the free edition is still good enough for keyword research. All of the research features are accessible, and the traffic possibilities for each word is calculated.

Altogether, RankTracker has 23 separate keyword research tools within. You can find out all of the keywords your competitors rank for and discover popular typos and mispronunciations. You can also generate long-tail keywords and questions, saving you having to do this for yourself.


It’s 99% probable that you’ve heard of voice search and its growing popularity. And with this, the importance of knowing *exactly* what your potential player base is searching for is imperative.

AnswerThePublic helps you find popular questions for online topics, with each of these split in to categories such as “when” and “which”. You can also compare keywords with one another, along with many other capabilities. So, in addition to researching important terms, it could be useful for planning blog post titles.


Questiondb pulls millions of questions from Reddit. This feature can help you sort questions by topic and popularity, along with grouping questions together. In the context of affiliate marketing, this means that for “affiliate marketing”, you can group them to “iGaming affiliate marketing” for better accuracy.

If you then want to read what users have been saying in more depth, you have the opportunity to go directly to the source.

Google Ads Keyword Planner 

The Google Ads Keyword Planner allows you to determine which keywords are worth utilising not just for SEO purposes, but also PPC.

While the tool works better if you’re implementing ad campaigns, it can still be used for organic strategies. However, as you’re limited to ranges instead of actual search volumes, you might be better off using this in conjunction with one of the others we’ve mentioned in this blog post.

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