Finnish authorities aim for crack down on TV and radio gambling adverts

TV and radio stations run the risk of losing their broadcast permits if they break the rules, Finnish officials say.
Police and the Transport and Communication Agency Traficom have announced that they are going forces to intensify the surveillance of illegal gambling advertisements on radio and television.
Only the state-owned gambling firm, Veikkaus is permitted to run and market gambling of any kind in Finland. Marketing of any other gambling operations, or aimed at consumers within Finland, is prohibited.
Veikkaus has struggled to compete with international online gambling sites. Earlier this year, the company announced job cuts, where they cited intensifying digital competition business shifting onto digital channels.
Even though they are still not permitted, some advertisements for international gambling sites are still available to be found on Finnish TV and radio frequencies.
If the radio or TV broadcaster repeatedly violates the ban on gambling marketing, Traficom can make a decision to cancel the company’s broadcast license.
The National Institute for health and Welfare THL has previously stated that there is a need for more stringent regulation of gambling marketing in general and that Veikkaus’ marketing communication should follow the same lines as the states’s health policy communication.

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