Facebook tests new cross-posting feature

Facebook has tested a new cross-posting feature that would allow users to share content posted to their Facebook feed to Instagram. It comes after the social media giant allowed users to cross-post Stories and Reels from Instagram to Facebook.

A multi-channel approach

In following on from what can be described as a multi-channel approach to social media, Facebook are the latest social media network to test its cross-posting feature. It follows on from their recent shift to video-based content and push to focus on short-form videos as opposed to static images.

In doing so, Facebook will also be able to keep a watchful eye on Instagram as it continues to invest in its future as one of the most popular social media networks in an age where Snapchat and TikTok are increasing in popularity amongst the younger demographic.

A streamlined view of social media

If you are an active user on Facebook and Instagram, this brand-new feature could save you a great deal of time when it comes to updating your followers of a specific milestone or just posting the exact same image to both social media platforms successively. If you are an influencer or affiliate manager, on the other hand, it can allow you to expand your reach and ensure your content is visible to your intended target audience on a wider scale.

The feature is yet to be formally announced but was rolled out on a gradual basis earlier this month. It is, however, only visible to a select number of users at present and, notably, users whose personal profiles are linked to a separate personal, business, or creator account on Instagram.

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