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ELEVATE Summit: Where Lead Generation and Affiliate Marketing Will Collide

This week, Lee-Ann is joined by Dean Seddon, the founder of Maverrik. Dean and Lee-Ann share the story behind them deciding to join forces, along with Lead Generation World, to build and deliver ELEVATE. The ELEVATE Summit will take place on the 16th and 17th of September in London. The event is targeted towards small and medium advertisers who currently rely on paid media and need to learn how to diversify their traffic sources. The event will also educate affiliates on the upcoming changes in the industry and the importance of first-party data collection.

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ELEVATE – A Collaboration

The conversation kicks off with Lee-Ann explaining, “I think the reason why I’m bringing together Lead Generation World, Maverrik and Affiverse – all joining together to bring this event to life is because it’s really the small and medium advertisers that are going to be affected. The ones that are currently relying on paid media to drive sales to their Shopify websites, or even those who are doing retargeting paid media campaigns. When those third-party cookies deprecate next year, it’s almost like a tsunami of everything coming together that’s going to impact these small businesses. What we’re trying to do is really just get these brands into a room with industry experts from around the world. 

“We’re going to be giving you the tech tools that you can implement into your businesses. We’ve got some amazing speakers coming in from countries like Germany and America who are just going to bring together a melting pot of insights and ideas for small, medium enterprises to take advantage of and to really understand where their budgets need to be spent in 2025 because the same old tactics are just going to fall away and if you’re not picking up new skills your business is going to suffer.”


Creating the right kind of content

Lee-Ann comments, “I’m always going to be biased – I always think that you need to be diversifying into affiliate marketing because it’s ubiquitous and you can target many different traffic channels. But something that you are probably a little bit more biased to is creating the right kind of content and building the right kind of engagement, using and leveraging all of these social media platforms, organically. So, talk to us a little bit about what people are going to be able to learn from you, specifically, when they come to Elevate.”

Dean advises, “I’m going to share some examples of people who have grown email lists and gained opt-ins from organic traffic. TikTok’s massive for this stuff. And the interesting stuff around this now is you don’t necessarily have to put a face on the content. You can do informational content and drive traffic to a website. You can drive it straight through from TikTok to a website, or you can get it straight through to a landing page.

“It is much better for you to get less traffic that converts higher because of the coming storm with email as everybody starts to clamp down on what you can and can’t send. So we’re going to be looking at case studies and examples of where one piece of content has got two and a half thousand, three thousand, four thousand sign-ups.”

Why Affiliates need to be at ELEVATE

Lee-Ann notes that, “First-party data collection is going to become incredibly important for affiliates to build into their businesses in order for them to continue to thrive. That sits a lot in the sphere of what you talk about in terms of the content that they’re going to be needing to create and how they take that content and engage with their audiences. So, from an affiliate’s perspective, what is one of the main reasons why they need to come and listen to you speak at ELEVATE?”

Dean replies, “If you’re an affiliate and you know, you make your living by driving traffic, right? Whether that’s paid or organic, you make your living by that. So, if you’re doing that paid, you’re going to have the challenges of, okay, how do we make sure we sustain that? That’s where organic can kick in. It can augment what you’re going to do. So, my whole focus will be about showing you ways you can pull organic traffic, high quality organic traffic. Your paid will catch a lot and then you do a lot of retargeting. I’m going to talk about how do you get the good quality traffic there that won’t bounce in the email, that won’t get you on a spam report and that you will actually fill those emails, which is going to be important because my view is that publishers are going to be a little bit more cautious and want to know more about how you’re acquiring your traffic.

They’re going to want some degree of audit chain, depending on which territory is coming out with this in terms of, you know, how the data is acquired. We’ve seen all of this before, but it’s going to go to a whole new level. So I’m going to be talking about which social channels, which type of content will get you the high quality craft traffic without actually going nuts on social media and doing all the funny dances on TikTok and all that kind of stuff!”

Listen to find out more about:

  • Your invitation to ELEVATE 
  • Why Affiliates should prepare for upcoming changes in the industry and prioritise first-party data collection.
  • How long-form content is becoming more important on social media platforms


Key segments of this podcast and where you can tune in to go direct: 

[06:22] Organic Traffic Generation and Content Creation

[12:09] Affiliate Marketing and First-Party Data Collection

[14:08] The Rise of Long-Form Content on Social Media


ELEVATE Summit 2024 Where Lead Generation and Affiliate Marketing collide, launches as an in-person conference for the first time, in London 16-17 September.


Early Bird registration for the ELEVATE Summit is now open, with a Full Two Day Conference pass priced at £149 – when purchased before the 31st May.  Thereafter the tickets will increase to £249 per person for this two-day exclusive event! 

Tickets to this two-day conference at Park Plaza Westminster Bridge, include: 

  • Full two-day conference and keynote speaker line-up (Learning from the best in the industry) 
  • Access to specific Masterclasses helping you level up your performance and skills development
  • Lunch and Refreshments FREE on both days
  • Networking and Exhibitor Area
  • Matchmaking meet-ups
  • A Social Networking party


Don’t miss your chance to be a part of this groundbreaking ELEVATE summit and take your performance and lead generation marketing efforts to new heights. 

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