5 reasons why you should attend AIBootcamp 2019

The igaming events calendar seems to be full of interesting exhibitions and events for affiliates to attend. With so many to choose from, it can be hard to decide where to spend your time and your budget attending.
Affiverse Bootcamps have been designed to help affiliate businesses grow. From the curation of content to the networking and business coaching sessions that are offered, these events have one objective:
To help igaming affiliates get ahead of digital disruption and continue growing their businesses. 
Below are five reasons why you need to book your seat at this year’s Sports Betting Affiliate Bootcamp:

  1. Access expert advice

With the affiliate industry changing at a dizzying pace, don’t underestimate what an injection of expert advice can bring you. At Affiverse’s sports betting bootcamp you get the chance to learn from the people who are in the know, which will give you a depth of digital insight that your competitors just won’t have.

  1. Networking opportunities abound

Getting a chance to network with the movers and shakers in the affiliate industry is a big plus. At #AIBootcamp2019  you have the chance to connect with some of the biggest brand names in iGaming, in a collaborative and authentic environment, this means you get to speak to decision makers and we facilitate complex deal negotiations in a relaxed and focussed environment

  1. Learn new digital skills

Being able to learn the latest digital skills to increase your traffic like content marketing and SEO tactics can propel your site forward in a competitive landscape. This is the key benefit of coming to our bespoke bootcamp events. You learn actionable skills that allow you to get ahead of your competition. If you’ve ever felt like these were too tricky to get to grips with or have been put off by the bigger digital projects you thought you should be doing but didn’t get around to – this is a great introduction to get the insight on what you should be focussing your efforts on instead.

  1. Growth hack your affiliate business

With the detailed speed networking and pitch and fix sessions you get the opportunity to pitch for instant deals in real time plus all access to experts who can give you invaluable digital insights and tips to overcome entrepreneurial overwhelm. A day at Bootcamp means you’ll be able to grow your affiliate business so much faster. This will allow you to cut out months of day to day drudgery in favour of accelerating your business growth. Save time, money and effort with these tricks.

  1. Get motivated with a strong mindset coach

You might find that your day to day tasks leave you feeling demotivated about your affiliate business. The competition is getting fierce, but taking time out to come  to an event like this will get you inspired to do more and help you to set actionable goals within your business too. This year we’ve partnered with one of the UK’s leading entrepreneur business coaches who has curated a bespoke entrepreneur mindset coaching session designed to get you back on track and delivering to goals the minute you leave the event. 
If you want to growth hack your affiliate business book now for our 50% EARLY BIRD pass which gets you full  access to the 2 Day AIBootcamp2019 taking place at Under the Bridge, London on the 21-22 March 2019.
Money well spent. Guaranteed.

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