DMF Panel Preview: The rise of the millenial and understanding their digital culture

There are only six weeks to go until the second edition of the SBC Digital Marketing Forum (DMF), and our agenda is ensuring that the industry’s burning questions are being addressed through both top-quality panel sessions and some of the biggest names in the affiliate and digital marketing sectors. 

The Forum will run alongside Betting on Sports 2019 and CasinoBeats Summit, and will address issues such as global opportunities for affiliates and marketers, the rise of esports, and the importance of video content marketing as a conversion stream.  

Ahead of the event, Affiverse wanted to offer a sneak preview into the topics being addressed, one of which is “the rise of the millenial and understanding their digital culture”, which will be addressed by RIZE Digital’s Founder Nick Garner. 

The session will address the ways in which operators need to gain a full understanding of the new players that they are looking to acquire. Operators and affiliates must then consider the ways in which they engage with millenials by utilising an array of omnichannel marketing strategies. 

Discussing what attendees can expect, Garner explained: Research shows millennials do not like traditional casinos. They find slots unappealing and despite efforts by the Nevada gaming commission to encourage skill-based slots, millennials are not being drawn to these games.” 

“If you want to understand millennial gambling, it helps to look at ‘dark market gambling’. This is a gambling ecosystem with little or no government regulation. 40 million individuals can gamble freely in the ‘dark gambling market’. A high proportion of these are millennials.”

“iGaming is unbelievably competitive and meaningful innovations are the foundation of great brands. Look at Leo Vegas and mobile iGaming. Change is generally unexpected. Innovations come in ‘left-field’ leaving incumbents wondering where it all went wrong for them.”

“In my session,  we will look at the present to forecast the future; Understanding dark market gambling, the games, the players and the marketing so incumbent iGaming brands focus their future innovations”

With industry-leading speakers taking part in an array of in-depth training workshops and expert lead panel discussions over the one day conference it really offers incredible value for attendees.

Garner added: “Hopefully attendees will learn about a fascinating marketplace which represents the future of gambling.”

For more information on the event including speakers and the full agenda, check out the Digital Marketing Forum website. To speak to a member of the team about sponsorship and branding opportunities, please contact us on [email protected]

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