Coingeek – What kind of blockchain content matters to you?

Blockchain technology has been making waves around the world for a while now and those in the gambling industry are becoming more aware of its capabilities. Despite the benefits that blockchain brings to the industry and businesses operating within it, many are still not aware of how it works and what they can do with it. Coingeek is on a mission to change this – and they need your help.

Diving in headfirst

If you aren’t familiar with blockchain and this technology, Coingeek recommend that the best way to get to know it is to dive in headfirst. They recommend opening a Bitcoin wallet that can be used across a variety of gambling sites, video streaming services and much more in 2021.

This is much easier to do now than it was in previous years and this is thanks to the developments in the technology since its initial launch. Realistically, you should be set up with your Bitcoin wallet in minutes.

As gambling professionals, we should be educating ourselves on new and innovative tech that could improve the way that we run our business. Blockchain certainly presents a lot of opportunities in this industry over the coming years.

Coingeek wants to hear your thoughts

Coingeek is hoping to spread more awareness of the advantages of blockchain in the industry but they need your help. What kind of content do you need as a professional in the gambling industry? Would you consider attending conferences on blockchain or reading regular blogs?

The Coingeek team have created a survey that asks these questions and more to determine the best route forward for their content. With the results, they will be able to curate content that benefits a range of industry experts and educate more on the benefits of blockchain. The survey should only take you five minutes to complete so why not give it a go?

If you take the survey by March 23, Coingeek will offer you a few Satoshis for your trouble. You can take the survey here.

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