Capturing consent in the wake of GDPR

The industry is abuzz with talk of GDPR, as it affects the way that we collect and use data. As you have probably noticed, your inbox is now flooded with companies begging for active consent to continue emailing you. In this article, we’ll be talking about how to gather and use the data you have already collected in a compliant way.

Changes to data gathering

The way that we gather data has to change and some iGaming brands have already caught on. Active users on the likes of Jumpman Slots brands now have to consent to their data being used when they log in. This allows them to hypothetically respect users’ right to privacy, while making it easier for them to consent once more. 

With pre-ticked boxes and passive consent becoming a thing of the past, you have to plan to make changes to your website lead generating processes now. This can include new sign ups as well as prompting existing users to update their settings. It seems inevitable that this will lead to some sort of drop in active users, but it is essential that you do this to mitigate any legal risks.

Affiliates should be working with compliance companies and experts that can help guide you. This is no time to stick your head in the sand, the deadline is fast approaching and you need to make sure you are marketing to customers compliantly. Consult with an expert and begin to make the changes that your site will require to be compliant. 

Also, understand the role that you have to play, for your own brand and on behalf of operators too. We’re not yet sure how accountability will come into play here, whether operators will be responsible for the actions of their affiliates when it comes to promoting their offers.

Users always have the right to be forgotten, UNLESS this conflicts with a self-exclusion. You may still keep a record of excluded players in order to divert marketing materials. They can still request for this data to be removed and it’s up to you to communicate why this would not be possible. 

Storing and using your customer data

As well as more rules about how you capture consent and the right to be forgotten, you also have a bigger obligation to keep this data safe. Think about how you store this data and who could potentially gain access to this. If there is a leak, then it’s your job to inform authorities so they can in turn inform affected users. 

Users have way more rights under GDPR and it’s your job as a data controller to adhere to these. If you allow third parties to use this data, then you must explicitly tell users who these third parties are. Consider updating your sign up data capture mechanic as well as the privacy policy on your site. At each step of the way, you must inform the user and allow them to opt out if they feel this is the route they want to go down. 

You should also be getting in touch with your existing user base now, to figure out whether they still want to hear from you. Rather than send an email that is boring, try and make this personalised and remind your audience about what you have to offer. Everyone is now receiving a lot of these opt in communications and what you want to avoid is the instant action to press delete and disregard your message. This is because communicating with your existing list is still legal at the moment, but when GDPR comes into full force this will no longer be the case. 

Affiliates need to uphold high marketing standards especially in the wake of the recent fines that have been received for non compliant marketing. We already work in an industry that attracts a lot of scrutiny, so we need to adhere to this law to the letter. It’s all about making the plans now in order to have them fully executed in the next few months. Then, you will know that regardless of what your competitors are doing, you are in the right. 

It will be interesting to see which affiliates and operators enact this forward planning effectively. No doubt, the ones that we see gaining big fines in the coming years will be the ones that have failed to prepare. Make sure you book your FREE seat to the upcoming AffiliateFEST to learn the latest tips and tricks to keep your brand compliant in an ever changing landscape. 

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