Building customer engagement with quizzes

When creating marketing for your affiliate program, you need to make sure that you are searching for the routes that can always lead to a good level of customer engagement. Not only is engagement key for building your brand and your relationship with your customers, but it is also a fantastic indicator that your practices are indeed working.

One technique that can deliver some fantastic results is quizzes. Let’s take a closer look at how you can use quizzes to successfully drive customer engagement.

Keep it short

Remember that audiences then to have shorter attention spans. They are not going to want to click through a quiz that is pages and pages long – they want something short and snappy that they can quickly respond to.

When creating a quiz for customer engagement, the rule of thumb is generally no more than 8-20 questions that take no longer than 3 minutes to complete. Any longer, or more complex, and you run the risk of customers becoming disengaged and not completing the quiz.

Find the right tools

There are some fantastic free tools out there to help you create the right type of quiz for your followers. TryInteract is a great resource that will allow you to make a quiz for free to then get the data that you need back in preparation for analysis.

After all, remember that this quiz is for customer engagement, and they are also frequently used for lead generation. You will have something to push through this quiz, whether it is a sign up to your program or even a purchase of an e-book or some other product. There needs to be an end-goal beyond simply the data gathered from the quiz.

Watch compliance

You need to make sure that the quiz is fully compliant with data protection laws. This is a very important step, especially with some of the changes we are seeing in terms of cookie usage and other forms of data gathering at the moment.

Though quizzes are often used for driving customer engagement, they can also be used to collect data about the demographics of your audience. Make sure that you do keep well within data protection laws so that your quizzes are as compliant as they can possibly be.

Promote the quiz

Having done all this work, you need to make sure that you are adequately promoting the quiz! Make sure that you push it out through your social media and other marketing streams so your customers know that it is available to take. By making the results shareable, you could even attract more customer engagement to the quiz itself, allowing you to then gather vital data for your program.

Quizzes are a fantastic tool that affiliate marketers need to make use of more. If you are searching for an interesting way to improve your customer engagement, a quiz might be the perfect way to do it. They are flexible and dynamic, and they can provide both you and your audience with many interesting leads when used correctly.

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