Blueclaw’s Martin Calvert: #AIBootcamp will help usgive back to the industry

Marketing Director Martin Calvert is hosting a talk entitled ‘Link Earning – How Affiliates Gain Top Tier Earned Links’ at March’s Affiverse Bootcamp. Read on to find out more about the innovative Yorkshire-based SEO firm and what you can expect from Calvert at #AIBootcamp.
Affiverse: First off, can you tell us about your expertise in the digital and igaming space. How would you explain what your business does and what sets you apart from your competition?
Martin Calvert: Blueclaw is a digital marketing agency with great experience in the betting and gaming sector helping operators and affiliates to outperform in SEO, PPC advertising, content marketing and much more.
Unlike other agencies, we specialise in a variety of industries and iGaming is the one in which we’ve won all of our awards in recent years – our total focus on earning traffic, rankings, clicks and FTDs sets us apart.
AI: What does 2019 hold for Blueclaw? What trends and insights can you share with our delegates ahead of the event that they should be focusing on to drive traffic and acquisition with online audiences
MC: We believe that as markets open up there will be fresh opportunities in digital marketing – for operators, and affiliates. The goal is to develop a practical idea about how equipped your brand – and site – is to take advantage of new opportunities.
New markets require a fresh approach but the challenge presented by major operator mergers is something that affiliates and challenger brands will have to carefully manage.
It has never been more important to ensure that iGaming brands have the right digital strategy – across SEO, PPC advertising and beyond.
AI: What are you looking forward to most about speaking at this event?
MC: I’m looking forward to speaking with affiliates and operators about the changing market, sharing our insights about the most effective digital strategies and hearing about their plans for growth.
As a digital marketing agency, it’s vital for us at Blueclaw to be in touch with the needs of our core markets and give back to the industry, and #AIBootcamp will help us to do that.
AI: What will delegates be able to do with the information you share with them? How will it impact their business growth?
MC: With the information we share at #AIBootcamp2019, delegates will benefit from practical insight that really makes a difference in iGaming.
Working across the industry, we’re able to share proven, growth-focused methodologies that will help delegates who work at major operator brands, as well as ambitious affiliates.
AI: Would you be able to give us a few highlights from your talk or points for delegates to consider before they get to hear and see you at the event?
MC: My talk will focus on future-proof digital strategies that are entirely white hat. In the iGaming market, many brands are still looking for a shortcut to success but my talk will challenge this while offering alternative approaches to drive traffic, FTDs and revenue.
Join us at this year’s event to hear some expert insight from one of the most recognisable and accomplished figures from the world of affiliate marketing.

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