Black Spins

Black Spins re-launches with 888 network

The online casino Black Spins has finished their migration from their previous home at Nektan to the 888 network. The casino’s owners, Casy Digital, can now prepare to make use of all the new benefits the move has brought them.

Moving between networks is not that uncommon for online casinos. There are many fantastic options out there for them to pursue if they wish to find a new network to try. What is unusual about this move is the direction Black Spins will be taking in the future.

They have decided that they will not be accepting players from the UK, and will instead focus on other markets. This is a move that we might see from other sites in this network in the future, in an attempt to diversify their interests and not overly rely on the UK markets.

Tommy Dawson, CEO of Casy Digital, said: “In teaming up with 888, not only do we have a quality platform and gaming option, we are also with a company who is committed to excellence and share our vision for growing in key markets outside of the UK.”

Affiliates who wish to explore what is available to them in terms of European markets should have a look at the opportunities available to them in these areas. Interest in markets beyond those in the UK is only growing, and now is a good time for affiliates to investigate new areas and markets that they could expand into in the future.

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