aims to provide Canadian punters with World Cup insight

As excitement over the 2018 World Cup reaches fever pitch, a new football betting tipster site has launched focused to the Canadian market.

After its original formation in May 2018, is currently informing the Canadian market about the enthralling FIFA World Cup, providing betting tips for each game of the tournament.

Following on from the tournament, the site will continue to provide daily football tips from leagues from all over the world.

The site is ran by Graeme McGaw, who has been providing online betting tips for various sports for over a decade. He currently covers the likes of the WNBA, NBA, NHL, and golf betting tips at including the PGA and LPGA and much more.

Speaking on the launch of the new site, he outlined: “I grew up in Scotland before moving to Canada at 16 and live and breathe football.  It just felt about time I start a site dedicated to the sport that I love and assist fellow Canadians in getting the best bang for their betting bucks.”

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