BETR develops its new multi-currency platform to include ethereum

Blockchain-technology focused BETR has adapted its decentralised betting system to both allow customers to place bets using multiple cryptocurrencies, and to permit affiliates to withdraw commissions using the BETR token.
The BETR token is a cryptocurrency and operates across the ethereum platform. The new platform innovations will be useful for affiliates wishing to operate across the cryptocurrency market.
As part of the system changes, bettors will have the option to choose which currency they wish to place a bet in. Wagers will then be stored in any one of the supported currencies, and can then mixed on both the bet history and in the underlying smart contracts.
Once a customer has decided upon a currency, the bet will be recorded, along with a fixed exchange rate which will be used to calculate any possible winnings.
The bet can then be laid against the peer-to-peer layer at the BETR amount, according to this rate. From the perspective of the person laying the bet, this is a BETR bet. Layers will always lay in BETR, and the underlying escrows will always occur in BETR.
Launching the new multi-currency betting, BETR Founder Adriaan Brink commented: “Today we introduce native ETH betting – a bettor can now bet in either BETR or ETH. If you bet in ETH you will be paid winnings in ETH. Simple. And it works. Seamlessly.”
In addition to the laid bets, revenue shares and the underlying liquidity pool will also remain in BETR.
Brink, commenting on the possible implications of this technological innovation added: “Looking to the future, this brings an exciting addition to our platform.  We are working on adding cross-chain cryptocurrencies such as EOS and LTC to the client and hope to have more news on these soon.

“We are also, as a part of this change, moving to a technical architecture where we will be able to operate across multiple core systems, be it Ethereum, EOS or any other performant cryptocurrency.”

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