Operator spotlight: Betmaster showcases its plans for 2020

Betmaster’s name has spread far-and-wide this year, both within the iGaming industry and at notable Affiliate networking events. We recently sat down with Marketing Director, Tiziana De Pasquale, to discuss their success in 2019 so far, plus take a look at some of their future plans which affiliates should take note of. 

Affiverse: Betmaster has recently burst onto the scene, with a large scale presence in Africa and Lisbon. Tell us what this launch has been like? How have you seen your brand grow this year? 

Tiziana De Pasquale: In the past six months, we’ve decided to increase our presence by taking part in industry fairs. This has enabled us to collect more international contacts. There’s a long road ahead, with exciting times to come. We’re willing to crush the market with our product, which has been described as one of the most user-friendly on the market. 

AI: In Africa, you met with our CEO Lee-Ann Johnstone. What were your big takeaways from attending that roadshow? How should affiliates be looking to capture some of the growth in emerging markets here? 

TDP: Along with being regulated in Mozambique, we’re in the process of renewing our Kenyan licence. Our commitment, however, is not just to being a sportsbook. We also want to benefit local communities with charity activities. We want to be viewed as an operator which promotes fun, but also an entity that wants the best for its people. 

AI: Let’s talk about you for a moment. You’ve been in the iGaming for a while, having previously held positions at the likes of PokerStars and CoinGaming. What specifically attracted you to the Marketing Director position at BetMaster?

TDP: After covering various roles at big companies, across 10 years in gaming, I think that I have the experience needed to grow an emerging brand. I like challenges and environments where you have the chance to grow. I enjoy learning new things and following the entire growth process. 

AI: Betmaster’s affiliate program is growing quite quickly. What are the key USPs for affiliates to take note of? Why should they consider partnering up with your brands?

TDP: We’ve got a variety of brands offering both fiat and crypto, as well as sports betting and casino games. Our offers are also tailored, so we can try to be as close as possible to our customers’ cultural habits and preferences. Both existing and potential new affiliates can be sure that partnering with us means to be with a brand which revolves around customer service. We want their needs to be tended to. 

AI: You’re actively involved in some exciting new emerging markets. Can you tell us what you’ve got planned for 2020? Where should affiliates be looking to expand their business operations into? 

TDP: How shall we say this? The best is yet to come. I’m quite superstitious, so I won’t reveal too much! But Latin America is one of our good propositions for 2020.  

AI: What’s the one thing you’d like our readers to take away and remember about Betmaster? 

TDP: We’re easy-to-use, close to the customer and seek to make every day better. We’re always looking to improve our product, design and promotions. We hope that our customers can see these things.

For more information about this fast growing brand, and their affiliate program CLICK HERE

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