Awin partners with Mavrck to drive influencer marketing success

Leading global affiliate network Awin has partnered with the company Mavrck, a solutions provider for influencer marketing. This collaboration means that Awin clients will be able to track and improve influencer engagement.

Helping affiliates to improve their program growth strategies

Over the past couple of years, influencer marketing has become an increasingly popular and effective technique for directing more traffic towards businesses. In fact, 87% of Awin and ShareASale advertisers revealed that their influencer partnerships had become a vital component in their program growth strategies.

Now – thanks to Mavrck’s powerful CRM toolset – Awin clients can easily find, recruit, and manage the right influencers for their specific business. There are millions to choose from across all social media platforms in Mavrck’s Influencer Index.

Furthermore, the solutions provider offers fully customisable campaigns which aid communication workflow. As such, affiliates can quickly scale and adjust their program whenever they want.

Driving the performance and impact of influencer content

Affiliates will also be pleased to know that this influencer marketing program comes with analytics and insights – helping them to track, benchmark and evaluate the effectiveness of their ad campaign.

“Most brands recognize that influencer marketing is an essential element of today’s marketing mix, but they still need to be able to identify exactly how influencer content is driving performance and impact in order to justify their influencer marketing investments,” said Lyle Stevens, the CEO of Mavrck.

He continued: “With our partnership with Awin and ShareASale, we’ve taken the guesswork out of the equation and are enabling our customers to quantify how their influencer marketing efforts are providing real business value.”

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