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Audio Replay: How To Grow Your Affiliate Program in 2024

After a flood of emails and messages received via our CEO, Lee-Ann Johnstone’s inbox, we’ve managed to track down a copy of the recent audio event recording which was hosted on 3 April, to provide you with replay of that audio conversation she had with Dean Seddon CEO at
Lee-Ann and Dean wasted no time in discussing some of the strategies they implement for growing an affiliate program and building engagement, along with the other audio attendees in this pop-up audio event on LinkedIn.

Listen to their conversation…

What Was Discussed?

Together, they emphasised the importance of changing your thinking and breaking free from traditional affiliate program and affiliate outreach management tactics. They suggested building relationships and engaging with potential partners through thought leadership and storytelling. They also discuss the value of community management and leveraging existing customers as ambassadors.

Additionally, they highlight the need to seek engaged affiliates and explore B2B partnerships to drive growth. In this conversation, Lee-Ann and Dean discuss various strategies and tactics for growing affiliate programs. They emphasise the importance of collaboration and building relationships with affiliates, rather than solely focusing on finding new affiliates. They also discuss the value of conducting surveys to understand affiliates’ needs and how to leverage partnerships and brand swaps to drive growth. They highlight the power of podcasts as a marketing tool and the need for affiliate managers to educate senior leadership about the value of the affiliate channel. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the importance of experimentation and a growth mindset in affiliate marketing.

Key Event Chapters

10:39 – Storytelling and Thought Leadership
24:42 – Exploring B2B Partnerships for Additional Growth
31:06 – Digging for Diamonds in the Long Tail of Affiliates
39:14 – The Power of Podcasts in Affiliate Marketing
48:58 – Embracing Experimentation and a Growth Mindset.


If you’ve found this audio event useful get ready to bookmark our next one into your diary! Come and join us on 1 May 2024 on LinkedIN as we discuss the best ways to Fix a Flatlining Affiliate Program.

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