Are you optimising for cross-device tracking?

Who only uses one device to access the internet nowadays? Many of us might start looking at something on our phones but then switch across to another device to finish the transaction. Cross-device tracking is something that many affiliates should be considering when optimising their wider operations.

After all, a customer might opt for a deal on one device, and then move to another to actually use it. You need to make sure that you are accounting for all types of traffic.

Multiple devices, one account

Cross-device tracking is crucial nowadays, as it is possible for people to have multiple devices but only one account.

Let’s take Google as an example here. Many of us have a Google account, but we could use it across computers, our smartphones, home devices, and more. Though it is all the same account, each device might get used in a slightly different way.

With this can come some issues in tracking. The journey that the user takes to reach a certain outcome might be somewhat disjointed and will not be the most transparent.

Changes to tracking

Cookies used to be one of the major ways in which brands tracked how their customers interacted with them, revealing certain patterns and insights. However, these third-party cookies are now obsolete, and new solutions need to be found.

This is where cross-device tracking is beneficial. The analysis that you can gain from these devices can help you to determine plenty of insights into your customer base that can then help you to refine your affiliate marketing strategy.

Advantages of cross-device tracking

One of the major advantages of cross-device tracking is that it can tell you whether or not you have successfully set up your targeted ads. You obviously want them to perform in a certain way, to help improve the accuracy of your ads and to lower marketing costs overall. Cross-device tracking can help to check that these ads are working in the way that they are supposed to.

It can also be used to target companies that have to manage multiple generations in their audience. If their stats appear to be underperforming, it might be because they are looking at the wrong device. Being able to target an omni-device outlook could reveal why one area is failing in regards to a certain generation. You will then be able to adjust your marketing approach to meet its needs.

Though it might seem like there is a hole left in your tracking thanks to the loss of third-party cookies, this could not actually be further from the truth. There are many different approaches that you could take using cross-device tracking that could help you to rebalance your marketing.

Optimise for cross-device tracking today

If you have not yet put any cross-device tracking in place in your affiliate program, you need to make sure you do so as soon as possible. This is an important aspect of maintaining your affiliate program, and it can give you some clear insights into the thoughts and actions of your audience.

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