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AMLeaders: Discover the Secrets of Successful Affiliate Program and Partnership Management

Are you ready for another exciting Affiliate Marketing Podcast?

We interrupted our usual schedule to give you an inside look at what AMLeaders is all about and what you’ll learn when you join us at this inaugural in person training event, designed for Affiliate Program Managers.

Joining Lee-Ann this week are a number of our veteran speakers along with Hello Partner founder, Matthew Wood to discuss their joint venture initiative AMLeaders.

Tune in as she dives in to discuss why AMLeaders has been launched alongside PILive Europe, this year and gives you an insight as to what you’ll be learning in the masterclass workshops, triage sessions with industry veterans. She also explains how the event has been designed to equip, educate, and empower affiliate program managers to tackle any problem the industry might be throwing at them.

Be a part of the AMLeaders experience and book your seat for the affiliate marketing workshops, held on October 23rd in London, ahead of PI LIVE EUROPE.

Listen in here for all the insights and what you’ll be missing out on if you don’t book your ticket now!

The industry elephant in the room

We’re going back to school and Affiverse is here to teach. We are constantly pioneering ongoing learning across our website, partnerships and events. It’s the best way to keep up with the ever-evolving affiliate marketing industry.

Lee-Ann says: “Why should companies invest in their team development, especially when they’re already working in the role? Well, the data speaks for itself. The affiliate marketing industry is growing at a rapid pace, with an estimated 19 billion being managed inside the sector by 2025. It’s changing faster than you can say ‘click-through rate’.”

Triage in the ER

AMLeaders offers unmissable workshops where you can gain hands-on experience that you can take back and apply to your business.

Lee-Ann explains: “These hands-on interactive workshops are where the real magic is going to happen. From optimising affiliate relationships to crafting compelling affiliate content, our workshops are designed to give you practical skills that you can implement right away.”

“For those of you wondering what on earth is a triage session, well, think of them as a quick focus session where you can get bespoke advice from industry experts. It’s kind of like a mini ER for your affiliate program.”

Building an affiliate marketing community

At Affiverse, we have a great appreciation for community. Community thrives from give and take, which is precisely the basis of affiliate marketing, as an industry. This is what AMLeaders aims to promote.

Lee-Ann said: “I think you can talk about that in a smaller group a lot more comfortably than out in the bigger picture. It’s not Chatham House rules, this kind of session, but it is a kind of close-knit community – where you can leave the sessions with a lot more comfort than I think that you arrived with.”

How to join this event

Access this essential AMLeaders event designed for Affiliate Managers aiming to elevate their skills, access profound industry insights, and cultivate vital connections that pave the way for success. Further workshop details, along with  a lineup of speakers are due to be be unveiled shortly.

Registration is now open. Tickets are  limited.

Seize the opportunity to revolutionise your affiliate program. PI LIVE Europe delegates can save £50 on their booking – grab your ticket here.

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Listen to find out more about:

  •         Show and tell tactics
  •         The power of personal branding

Key segments of this podcast and where you can tune into go direct

[04:00] – What is AMLeaders all about?

[08:00] – Guest Kevin Edwards and the future of affiliate marketing

[13:00] – The roles and responsibilities of affiliate marketing

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