Feefo research finds introductory offers can support brand loyalty

Research from global reviews and customer insights technology company Feefo has revealed that almost all of the UK’s active gamblers change which gambling company they bet with on a yearly basis.

The analysis, which was based upon the survey of 1,000 UK adults, found that 96 per cent of punters change gambling companies each year, while more than a fifth of customers (21 per cent) switch every three-to-five months.

93 per cent explained that they can be persuaded to stick with a company, and 98 per cent added that they value some aspect of the gaming firm they use.

“UK gaming companies are employing lower league loyalty tactics against top-level competition, constantly losing customers to rivals,” said Ben Marley, head of market development, Feefo.

“Almost all punters are ready to quit their company at least every 12 months, yet more than nine-in-ten tell us they will stay loyal if they get the right offers, odds or overall quality of experience.

“It’s time for a serious re-think about the tactics betting companies employ. The majority still lack real insight into what precisely customers want.”

Younger punters were most likely to switch brands, with 25 per cent of 18-34-year-olds switching every two months, compared to six per cent of over-65s.

“There’s an ace up every company’s sleeve they continue to overlook – using customer feedback insights to understand precisely punters want, so that loyalty programmes, odds and offers hit the jackpot more often,” added Marley.

“They need advanced, AI-powered customer experience platforms to provide game-changing levels of insight into what players want right now.”

The primary reasons for switching have been listed as better odds, better introductory offers, with only 44 per cent of decision-makers saying that the gambling operator that they use can persuade them to make more than two deposits.

82 per cent of respondents use more than one company at any time and more than half, 51 per cent, use two.

Loyalty programmes were credited as the reason as to why half of players stay with a company, and almost as many (46 per cent) because a firm is ready to match another company’s offers. 

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