Alex Windsor, Apps4 web media: "Not many sites go into as much detail as mine"

Alex Windsor, founder of Apps4 web media, sits down with Affiverse to discuss his fledgling business ahead of the inaugural Digital Marketing Forum.
Affiverse: Can you begin by introducing Apps4 web media as a company and explaining its history in the affiliate space?
Alex Windsor: Apps4 web media is a relatively new company at  just over two years-old. I sold my previous portfolio of fourteen affiliate websites back in 2015 and had a non-compete agreement in place for two years so had to wait until 2017 before I could start again. I couldn’t wait to get back in to industry. The main two areas the company focuses on are the affiliate websites and also a relatively new link building and guest post area I have got in to.
I currently have eight affiliate sites in total, they all focus on mobile betting and specifically betting apps.  Betting App Guide website is the largest and most popular of the sites I run. I also have a few new sites focusing on the Spanish and Italian markets and the latest one focusing on the US market. I wish there were more hours in the day to work on them!
I have been an affiliate for over eight years and have built up a lot of relationships in this time with other webmasters and a lot of media companies. I had people coming to me to ask for advice and help on seeking guests posts in the gambling niche and thought hey why not start offering this as a service, so I did! I have access to over 1000 sites across sports, poker, bingo, casino and lots of other niches that I now offer a guest post and link building services on. I have only been doing this for a few months now but I am so busy with it. I am working with lots of individuals but also with some of the biggest media and SEO agencies from around the world.
AI: There are a number of gambling-focused affiliate sites out there. What makes Apps4 web media stand out from the rest?
AW: All of the sites I run focus on mobile betting. I saw this as a massive opportunity back in 2011 when I started and the area has just grown and grown. There were lots of affiliate sites reviewing and giving advice/tips etc aimed at desktop users but not a lot in the mobile niche. So I started my first site and then went on to develop thirteen more. My new sites basically continue where I left off. I try and cover in as much detail how to download and install bookmaker, casino, bingo & poker apps, how to place a bet and play on them, what features there are, basically as much information I can give to a punter as possible. The competition has really grown over the last five years but not many sites go in to as much detail as mine.
AI: Aside from gambling, what other sectors has Apps4 web media dipped its toes into?
AW: As mentioned earlier, the guest post and link building service is one that I have recently got in to. What started out as helping out a few other affiliates has really grown and taken off over the last few months. I had been doing link building for my own sites since I started back in 2011 so have quite a bit of experience in doing it. Over the years, I have built up great relationships with a lot of companies and webmasters and as such, I am able to use this to help other affiliates in the industry increase the strength of their sites and their websites presence.
AI: Which tools and products do you offer to sites to improve their presence?
AW: Link building is still one of the biggest factors in trying to rank a website which is why guest posting and link placement is so popular (and essential). Having access to lots of sites, in lots of niches, focused on different countries and languages is really useful to offer to customers. I like to be able to offer a choice of different posts across a wide diversity of sites. I work with quite a few freelancer writers in different languages as well so I am able to cater for most people needs.
AI: As we move further into 2019, what are your hopes and aspirations for the next twelve months and beyond for Apps4 web media
AW: I really want to push on this year with both my sites and the link building/SEO part of the company. I could do with 8 days in the week and around 30 hours a day as there is so much to do and so many opportunities still left to go at. I really hope the UK market keeps going from strength to strength but with so many regulations coming in, I hope they don’t have too much of an impact to affiliates.
AI: Anything else you’d like to mention?
AW: I am a regular reader of most of the articles and videos you guys do and appreciate all that you provide for readers and website visitors, plus all the conference and training work. I am going to the Digital Marketing Forum later on in the month which I am really looking forward to attending.

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