AI Tools and How To Leverage Them in Your Affiliate Program

Welcome back to a brand new season of the Affiliate Marketing Podcast. We begin Season 14 with insight from Alec Biedrzycki, discussing AI tools and how to leverage them in your affiliate program. Alec is Head of Partner Marketing at and joins our Affiverse Founder, Lee-Ann Johnstone, to explain all…

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Lee-Ann kicks the conversation off by pointing out that AI seems to be the big topic that everybody is talking about right now, particularly in the affiliate marketing industry…

What is Jasper and how does it differ from other AI tools?

Alec explains, “So, Jasper is a generative AI tool. Generative AI is all about using artificial intelligence to create copy, to create creative, etc. Jasper has been around for a couple of years and it was kind of the first generative AI platform in the space before ChatGPT came around. We actually had access to OpenAI’s API before they launched ChatGPT.

We got early funding, but then we kind of realised, hey, we need to pivot and focus on something in order to stay relevant and successful in this space. So, our pivot was more towards marketing teams. So, if you’re like a chat GPT or some of the others in this space that just focus on copywriting, we’ve really pivoted heavily into the idea of focusing on marketers and marketing teams – so, solving for their specific use cases.

Whereas a generative AI copywriting tool helps you make more content, what we care about is not just more content, but more effective content because marketers care about not just producing great content, but also making sure it performs well, learning from that and continue doing that. So that’s where we’re kind of going and how we differentiate ourselves in the AI space.”

Content Is King

Let’s talk disruption… how does Alec think AI is likely to disrupt the way that we market to customers and affiliates? Content is key to everything we do in performance marketing and so how could AI disrupt this particular space?

Alec replies, “I think AI has drastically lowered the barrier to getting content shipped, at least as it pertains to generative AI and creating content. So, I think with that, and we’re already starting to see it. You’re just going to see a ton of content proliferation.

People are getting in using these tools and saying, hey, now it takes me one-tenth of the time to create two times as much content as before. But they’re not really putting polish on it. They’re not putting the human element nor putting the strategy behind it. They’re probably just putting a prompt and saying, give me a blog post on these 10 things. Great. Done. Shipped. And I think that’s going to lead to a lot of really bad content for reparation.

Advice for marketers in this space is to stay ahead of where the industry is going in terms of what’s going to create successful content and really have a strong point of view on how you will leverage these tools to reach that outcome. Because AI is not just replacing it and you’re done, you still need to incorporate that human element into it to ensure you’re writing strategic, valuable, and original content that gets found and used.”

How do you make your partners understand your tool and get successful with it when they join?

Alec offers insight on this topic, by stating: “I think a requirement is to have folks use it. We’re going to start to institute a training requirement as well, and certification in the coming quarters. You heard it here first! But it will be down the road a little bit to ensure that not only are affiliates promoting the product effectively, but they’re also understanding it pretty deeply as well.

What’s very unique about a product where it’s for marketers, is that you can require your partners that are also marketers to learn it and use it and for them to be more successful, too. There’s almost like a compounding value there, which is great.”

Listen to find out more about AI Tools and How to Leverage Them in Your Affiliate Program:

  • Why AI is a tool and not a replacement for the human touch 
  • Why Partners should lead with transparency when it comes to content produced using AI
  • The importance of an onboarding structure and the initial ‘getting-to-know-you’ phase

Key segments of this podcast and where you can tune in to go direct:

[07:45] The issue of who owns the content when it comes to AI

[09:50]  Creating AI policies 

[15:00] How you segment your partners and what offerings you have in place to continue to drive scale

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