AGCCS Report breaks records with 2018 stats

The AskGamblers Casino Complaint Service (AGCCS) managed to return a staggering $6,757,547.31 to its players during 2018, a 10% increase from the year previous.
It was a record-breaking year for the AGCCS, with the support team receiving a total of 7924 cases against 688 different online casinos by over 5896 players. 2594 of these cases were accepted, with 72% of all processed complaints ultimately being resolved.
Here is what several AGCCS users had to say about the quality of the complaint service in 2018: “I want to thank AskGamblers for being instrumental in obtaining these funds. I don’t think I would have received them without your assistance. Greatly appreciated!”
“Bringing the issue up in a forum did not work, as they haven’t replied in weeks. It was only when I raised the complaint here at AskGamblers that we finally progressed in the situation. Thank you, AskGamblers!”
“Your assistance and ability to bring the casino and myself together was the key factor. I hope other casino players review this posting from the beginning and realize, if needed, that AskGamblers is the online site procedure to use for player – casino disputes to be resolved, whether in the player’s or casino’s favour.”
The AGCCS has so far returned over $24.6 million of unfairly confiscated money to their players.
Nikola Teofilovic, AskGamblers General Manager, added: “The days of traditional banner advertising on websites are coming to an end as performance marketing has become more of a rule than an exception in all marketing channels, both offline and online.
“Affiliation or lead generation have been cornerstones of digital performance based marketing since the beginning of the digital revolution that started in the end of the 90s. As a marketing professional, the costs of acquisition straight into your target group will probably be the lowest that you can achieve.
“Operators recognized this opportunity early and started to build strong relationships with iGaming affiliates. AskGamblers has worked hard since its inception to raise awareness among operators regarding the importance of publicly displaying their genuine care about their players and their opinions.
“Most of us have heard the saying, “It takes 20 years to build a reputation, and five minutes to ruin it.” A single unhappy customer can cause a lot of damage ruining reputation and affecting income. Caring about your players is a super important part of any operator’s retention strategy. When players recognize that a casino cares about them, their opinions and interacts with them, they will much more likely come back and become loyal users.
To read the full AskGamblers Casino Complaint Report for 2018, don’t hesitate to visit

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