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Affiverse | The June Update

It’s been a busy few months here at Affiverse, with much to look forward to in 2024. As we approach H2, we thought we would share a few key highlights for the month ahead and beyond….

ELEVATE 2024: Preparing SMEs for a Cookieless Future

Affiverse Founder, Lee-Ann Johnstone, caught up with Dean Seddon, the founder of Maverrik, to discuss the upcoming ELEVATE Summit in London.

Coming to London on September 16 and 17, our ELEVATE event will equip small and medium-sized advertisers with strategies to diversify their traffic sources beyond paid media, especially in light of the impending deprecation of third-party cookies. The two-day extravaganza promises to offer invaluable insights into first-party data collection, affiliate marketing, and leveraging organic traffic channels.

Tune in to this conversation between Lee-Ann and Dean, as they explain the motivation behind bringing together Lead Generation World, Maverrik, and Affiverse to power ELEVATE.


“We’re going to be giving you the tech tools that you can implement into your businesses,” Lee-Ann explains. “We’ve got some amazing speakers coming in from countries like Germany and America who are just going to bring together a melting pot of insights and ideas for small, medium enterprises to take advantage of and to really understand where their budgets need to be spent in 2025.

The Power of Organic Content

One of the key themes of ELEVATE is the importance of creating the right kind of content and engagement. Dean highlights the potential of organic traffic, sharing examples of how businesses have successfully grown their email lists and gained opt-ins through platforms like TikTok. He stresses that the future of digital marketing will require a shift towards high-quality traffic that converts well.

“It is much better for you to get less traffic that converts higher because of the coming storm with email as everybody starts to clamp down on what you can and can’t send,” Dean notes. “So we’re going to be looking at case studies and examples of where one piece of content has got two and a half thousand, three thousand, four thousand sign-ups.”

First-Party Data: The New Gold

Lee-Ann underscores the critical role of first-party data collection for affiliates. As privacy regulations tighten and third-party cookies become obsolete, businesses must adapt by building robust first-party data strategies. This shift will be a focal point of the discussions at ELEVATE, with experts providing actionable advice on how to capture and utilise first-party data effectively.

Dean reinforces this point, stating, “If you’re an affiliate, you make your living by driving traffic, right? Whether that’s paid or organic, you make your living by that. So, if you’re doing that paid, you’re going to have the challenges of, okay, how do we make sure we sustain that? That’s where organic can kick in. It can augment what you’re going to do.”

Navigating the Future of Digital Marketing

Dean sums up the essence of ELEVATE by emphasising the importance of quality over quantity in traffic acquisition and the need for a thorough understanding of data collection practices. “My whole focus will be about showing you ways you can pull organic traffic, high quality organic traffic,” he explains. “Your paid will catch a lot and then you do a lot of retargeting. I’m going to talk about how do you get the good quality traffic there that won’t bounce in the email, that won’t get you on a spam report and that you will actually fill those emails.”

The countdown is ON! Early Bird tickets are available throughout June. Secure yours, today! 


Affiliate Rockstar: Lee-Ann Johnstone

We’re used to seeing her behind a mic and this month, Lee-Ann features in a Rockstar Q&A with the team at Tune.


In the interview, Lee-Ann explains:

“As the founder of Affiverse — I have a varied role because I straddle three businesses that operate in one. Primarily we are first and foremost a specialist affiliate marketing agency helping a variety of clients to launch, scale and grow their affiliate programs. However — we’re also a media, training and events company offering everyone in our community daily insights, access to expertise from around the industry on our podcast, content hub and newsletters.”

Read the interview in full here.

AMPP – The Relaunch

Are you an Affiliate Account Manager looking to level up your learning and get new fresh ideas on how to scale your affiliate program?

We’ve been busy putting the finishing touches to our new 12-week AMPP course.

Read all about AMPP here.

In the meantime, if you have questions about this course our training team will be happy to answer them here: [email protected]

Affiverse Around the World

Also, no stranger to a mic, Affiverse Head of Agency Leanna Klyne took to the stage last month  to moderate a panel at the Casino Beats Summit in Malta. The AAA – Ask affiliates anything! session gave exclusive insights into the world of affiliate marketing.


Wishing you a prosperous month ahead!

Interested in learning more about our services? We help businesses LAUNCH, SCALE and GROW successful affiliate and performance marketing programs that drive consistent sales. You can contact our Agency Team here.

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