AffiliateFEST speaker preview: Jan Sammut,

This year’s AffiliateFEST will focus not just on digital insight and future trends, we’ll also be looking at the evolution of affiliate marketing in relation to blockchain. While everyone is interested in how this technology will change the face of online, we’re looking at it in a practical sense by consulting with the experts at

We caught up briefly with Jan Sammut, CEO of the first decentralised affiliate platform as well as and an expert on affiliate marketing and block chain technology to discuss where he sees affiliate evolution and what affiliates should be doing to prepare for future change within their business.

Jan, we’re delighted to have you join us at Affiverse’s AffiliateFEST 2018 –  what do you hope to get out of attending this exclusive bootcamp?

AffiliateFest has rapidly become a leading affiliate marketing insights conference, providing excellent networking, promotional and branding opportunities for companies such as ours. We are really looking forward to meeting with affiliates and operators who are committed to growth and skills development within this marketplace.

AI: Could you tell us more about your business experience and background?  

I’m a marketer by profession, and previously held executive positions at industry heavyweights such as IGT plc, Stars Group and Highlight Media Group. I have been a fixture on the European blockchain conference tour to talk about and have advised ICOs with market caps exceeding $1B. I know the affiliate market well but I’m interested in seeing how to will disrupt and develop going forward.

AI: Please share a brief synopsis of what affiliates can expect to learn from your workshop or panel session this year?

We’ll go over how decentralised platforms such as RefToken will eliminate skimming, fraud, withheld payments and other factors which have plagued the sector since day one by leveraging the blockchain and smart contract technology. We’ll also be looking at how affiliates should be considering blockchain technology within their own businesses to adapt to future affiliate marketing disruption as blockchain technology continues to be adopted in mainstream business.

AI: What have you found are the biggest challenges that small entrepreneurs or solopreneurs like iGaming affiliates face in terms of understanding how to drive traffic and keep up with future trends?

The biggest hurdle small businesses and start ups face is around growth scaling. Finding ideas that can help you grow your business in a cost effective manner and retain ROI are key when growing a fledgeling business. It’s important to find mentors who can help you through each cycle of the start up phase, and network at events like these to meet new contacts and learn from experts who are willing to share their knowledge.

AI: What do you think the future of Affiliate Marketing looks like and what can the delegates attending the event expect to find answers to – what trends are you currently seeing?

Decentralisation and the disintermediation of transactional data in order to enhance commercial transparency and better data analysis in real time,  will become more and more mainstream over the next three years. This offers faster investment and better conversion for operators and affiliates alike to better target marketing messages and niche audiences.

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