Affiliate Spotlight: GamCheck founder Tom Defty

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Gamcheck holds down a unique position within the affiliate space. We chat with founder Tom Defty to find out more.
Affiverse: Can you begin by introducing GamCheck as a company and explain what the site brings to the affiliate space?
Tom Defty: GamCheck started back in February 2017 when I met up with some old friends from the online gaming community forum at Casinomeister. At that time, affiliate regulation in the UK market was non-existent and the four of us wanted to shake things up a little!
We spent several weeks brainstorming new ideas and researching what players wanted to know before joining a new casino. What became clear early on, withdrawal times and gaming providers were the most important factors. By early March, we were reviewing dozens of casinos and the GamCheck website was born.
The original plan was to test withdrawal and customer support times at around 50 licensed casinos, but we got a bit carried away and by the end of reviewing, we had tested close to 300!
AI: There are a number of casino affiliate sites out there. What makes GamCheck stand out from the rest?
TD: Aside from visitors seeing enhanced casino information such as verified withdrawal times, software providers and welcome bonus offers, we display real-time licensing information from the UK Gambling Commission. This shows the casino is operating legally for UK players and gives essential details such as contact information and nominated ADR providers.
A selected group of 50 ‘Verified Players’ submit feedback to us throughout the month when they play new and existing online casinos. Submitting withdrawal times and other data helps us keep the website up to date and gives these players the opportunity to earn up to £160 per month.
We give site visitors the opportunity to contact us by telephone or meet us in person to discuss any concerns such as responsible gambling and disputes. Our London office is staffed Monday to Friday and we have learned so much this way, which definitely gives us an edge on other affiliate sites.
GamCheck offer a mediation service for when there is an ongoing dispute between a player and a casino operator. In the last 12 months alone, we have recovered over £57,000 in player winnings through this complementary service.
We also offer a £750 ‘Deposit Guarantee’ to anyone who joins a casino through our site. Should player funds be seized by a casino unjustly, we will refund the player directly out of our own pocket.
AI: GamCheck describes itself as ‘leading the revolt against rogue online casinos and the numerous websites that promote unlicensed operators to make a quick buck’. What’s the motivation behind this mission statement?
TD: Even now with tougher regulation from the Gambling Commission and Advertising Standards Authority, there are a significant number of online casinos accepting UK players without a licence to do so. What frustrates me most about this, is the number of other affiliates who promote these brands directly to a UK audience through PPC such as Google AdWords. With some affiliates paying up to £40 per click, it goes to show how lucrative this shady practice is unfortunately.
This is where GamCheck is a trustworthy source, as a player can check in real-time if a casino is licensed. As soon as a licence is lapsed or revoked, it shows up on the web site for all to see.
AI: The site also boasts ‘No Unsolicited Marketing’. Can you expand on this further and outline why you believe this is important?
TD: Nobody likes spam, and there is nothing worse than checking your inbox to see a load of casino offers that you’re not interested in. Furthermore, some have taken a break from gambling or self-excluded and receiving mail like this can trigger them into playing again.
We have no newsletters or other ways of collecting personal email addresses so there is no way for us ever being able to contact site visitors to offer promotions. We believe it is a player’s choice when to gamble and not get forced into making a deposit due to time-sensitive promotions.
AI: As we move into 2019, what are your hopes and aspirations for the next twelve months for GamCheck?
TD: We are keen to expand into the Scandinavian market as soon as possible. The recent regulation of the Swedish market is of great interest and we are working with iGaming lawyers Mishcon de Reya to ensure we can provide a similar service which meets Sweden’s strict compliance laws.
In 2018, two GamCheck visitors (that we know of) joined a casino through us and went on to win progressive jackpots. In January our affiliate manager told us a player won £1.3 MILLION and just a few weeks ago, a lady from Aberdeen called to say she won £41k within eight minutes of joining a new casino. We hope for even bigger winners in 2019!
An enjoyable experience for players is the number one priority for us, so we’re expanding our existing deposit guarantee scheme by offering a kind-of ‘Satisfaction Guarantee’ to new players. Simply put, if a player joins a new casino and has a bad experience i.e. games refuse to load or they are unimpressed with customer support, we will refund their deposit – no questions asked.

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