Affiliate Spotlight: Casivo CMO Haris Cejvan

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This week we chat with Haris Cejvan, Chief Marketing Officer of UK casino review site Casivo, to find out more about the firm’s impact on the affiliate space.

Affiverse: Can you introduce Casivo and explain why you decided to make your move into the affiliate space.

Haris Cejvan: Casivo was founded late 2017 with the purpose to create the ultimate guide for online gamblers in the UK and Scandinavia. Simply put, we identified a market opportunity as current sites in the page results tend to lack relevant information and proper recommendations.

For us, the foundation of our business has always been and will always be to give sincere and relevant recommendations to our visitors.

AI: There are a number of casino and igaming affiliate sites out there. What makes Casivo stand out from the rest?

HC: I’d say that the scope of Casivo as a project differs from our competition. Instead of having multiple sites, we’ve taken the decision to put all our efforts into a few sites including Casivo.

The competition is tough where the Google algorithm is comparative by nature. Hence, our strategy to climb in the search results is to make Casivo, including all its subpages just a little bit better than the rest.

AI: As an established casino comparison site, what makes a high-quality online casino?

HC: I believe that retention has gotten more important than ever, where brands that succeed in creating a great journey for the customers are the ones that get their players to come back.

Online casinos who really try to take care of their customers by being flawless in all interaction points, from sign up to withdrawals, will see better long termed results than new casinos just trying to make a quick buck.

AI: What are your projections for the next twelve months for Casivo?

HC: Casivo has been our baby. We even talk about her age in terms of months. Now, when Casivo is getting out of the sandbox, we hope that she is ready to play with the much older kids on the block.

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