Affiliate Spotlight: Atanas Tanev, Silentbet

In this edition of Affiliate Spotlight, we speak to Atanas Tanev about another of his affiliate sites – Silentbet.

Silentbet offers not just multiple bookmaker reviews, but also various mobile app guides.

We previously spoke to Atanas about his EfirBet site. If you wish to, you can check that out here.

But for now, let’s move on to Silentbet and let him talk more about that particular site.

Affiverse: What are the main differences between Silentbet and your other affiliate sites?

Atanas Tanev: “Silentbet was our very first project, which started back in 2015. In the beginning, its content was only in Bulgarian and English. The other websites started out in English and in time, several other languages were also added.

“Another difference is that with Silentbet, there were several unsuccessful marketing campaigns. The design also wasn’t great and we had to make changes a few times, before it came pleasing to the eye and easy to use – with a structure which was good enough.”

AI: You’ve got a lot of operator reviews on your site. How long did it take to gather all of these and what’s the process that goes behind reviewing each brand?

 AT: “It depends on how many people you have in your team, as well as their level of professionalism. We work mostly with people who have an understanding of sports bets and are able to carefully assess the positives and negatives of a particular betting brand. 

“The process is slow because we already have four websites up and running, and those who are competent enough to write about and rate companies are few and far between. It’s hard to find people who can write at an expert level and are objective, which is why it takes much longer to cover so many betting companies and casinos. Give or take, the time it took for us to analyse and rate 100 brands was close to a year.”

AI: What are the most popular choices for players on your site in terms of bonuses, bet types and operators?

AT: “It’s no surprise that most players look for a welcome bonus upon their first deposit.  

“Free bets are also popular, while in third place I would say that players look for reload bonuses and loyalty schemes.”

AI: You’ve got quite a large range of mobile app tutorials on the site, too. How well has this been received amongst website visitors?

AT: “Most visitors take advantage of our reviews, especially Android users. This is because we clearly demonstrate in the tutorials exactly how to download and install a particular app. 

“There are certain particularities when it comes to downloading and installing from unknown sources and steps on how to set up one’s smartphone. A larger part of those who place bets already take care of everything on their phones, which is why I believe that our guides are a big help.”

AI: Going forward, how do you expect Silentbet to grow? 

AT: “Right now, we only have partial translations and information on particular bookmakers. 

“Going forward, we have the tough task of adding expert content in other languages and our work is just the beginning. 

“We believe that while we’re still useful to people interested in placing bets, and we offer them up-to-date information, Silentbet will continue to flourish at the same pace it already is. An example of this can be seen through the several offers that we already have from large companies wanting to buy out our business.”

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