Affiliate Soapbox – Changing regulations in the industry

We asked, you listened! At Affiverse, we are always keen to hear your thoughts on what is changing in iGaming and affiliate marketing. This month, we decided to focus our Affiliate Soapbox questions on the changing regulations in the industry and we had some great answers.

This month, we are featuring Alex Tester from Casino Cabbie. Alex offered some great insights and we wanted to share his thoughts with you all. Hear what he had to say below!

Alex Tester

Affiverse: What impact do you think the new regulations on slot machines will have on iGaming businesses in the UK?   

Alex Tester: “As a whole, I see it as another nail in the coffin. I doubt that this alone would be enough to force an operator’s hand in leaving the UK market. But in combination with the dozens of other regulations limiting spending, features and functionality, and the huge potential fines for any breaches deliberate or accidental? I think it’s pretty clear that the UK market is becoming less operator-friendly, and it’s only a matter of time for some brands before they decide it’s more trouble than it’s worth. Quite a few already have, of course.”

AI: Do you agree with the minimum age increase for National Lottery participation from 16 to 18 years old?  

AT: “I’m not sure that it was necessary, but it’s hard to argue against doing it. That being said, the reasoning used in the Government report is quite flimsy. It says that the decision was reached based on ’emerging evidence’ and ‘public opinion’, but in the report it states that National Lottery products have a ‘low and stable association with problem gambling’, and only 60 or so responses to their public consultation. However, I think, all considered, it’s the right thing to do.”

AI: Do you think that online gambling regulations should be tighter for affiliates in the UK?

AT: “I think affiliates in the UK are already working with some pretty strict regulations, particularly when it comes to advertising bonuses. I don’t see what would be gained by regulating them further.”

AI: Are iGaming operators and affiliates doing enough to protect players in the UK?

AT: “Most of the big operators are running TV adverts all the time, promoting their responsible gambling tools. I think this is one of the best ways that they can protect players. Of course, not all players are capable of self-regulating with these tools, which is where loss limits imposed by the regulator should come into play.”

AI: What further restrictions do you think will be put in place in 2021 for operators and affiliates?

AT: “I suspect deposit limits will get tighter for operators. There’s a lot of grumbling about how they advertise on TV and about how most Premier League teams are sponsored by gambling companies, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see the ASA going after them on those grounds.”

AI: How can affiliates continue to grow their business with restrictions tightening every year?

AT: “Rather than restrictions, I think the bigger problem is the level of competition in the UK. It’s an extremely mature market in almost all acquisition sources – SEO sites, PPC sites, tipster sites, etc. The best advice is always the same: create something completely new and original and provide value to your users before worrying about your bottom line.”

If you want to have your voice heard, make sure to stay tuned to hear about our next Affiliate Soapbox!

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