Affiliate Drive Time – Week 2: Keeping affiliates active

In this week’s Affiliate Drive Time,  AI CEO Lee-Ann Johnstone outlines three key ways to keep affiliates active.

Contact them directly

Contacting affiliates is essential when it comes to keeping them active. Lee-Ann explains that it’s useful to do a poll/survey to find out when they were last active, or if they were active at all. Accessing CRM tools for mass marketing emails is also good, but most importantly have a little bit of humour and a good tone of voice when contacting them. 

Build relationships

Building relationships is similarly important. Lee-Ann asserts that you need to be able to talk to affiliates one-on-one, and you also need to be able to build promotions that go out en masse. Also, never send a blanket email. Affiliates can tell and it means that it’s not a good look as it makes it clear that you haven’t bothered to look at what they’re doing.

Set up a CRM strategy

Setting up a CRM strategy, or what Lee-Ann describes as a ‘life cycle’ can also help. This is where you can regularly check if affiliates have signed up to your program, who has gone live and who hasn’t, etc.
Come back next week for the third instalment of Affiliate Drive Time. Subscribe to the Affiverse YouTube page here.


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