Affiliate Drive Time – Why me, why you, why now?

For any affiliate manager, time is precious and every email counts. If you are sending out emails that aren’t hitting the mark, you aren’t going to get the response that you hoped for. This not only wastes your time and resources but also wastes the time of the affiliates that you are contacting.

To really build your brand and make those valuable first impressions, you need to learn how to structure your emails properly. Ask yourself these three valuable questions – why me, why you, and why now?

Get the attention of affiliates

In this week’s Affiliate Drive Time episode, Lee-Ann discusses this formula that you can use to get the attention of affiliates via email. Listen to what she has to say and read the blog below to learn more.

Why me?

When you send an email with a sales pitch in it, you need to show affiliates who you are and why you are getting in touch with them. Tell them about your company or brand, tell them about your experience and don’t forget to tell them why you are emailing them.

Present yourself well but don’t overexplain. The email needs to be succinct, otherwise, they won’t read past your personal intro.

Why you?

Your pitch email also needs to tell affiliates why you are emailing them in particular. Have you worked with them before? Have you heard about their experience and want to partner up? Show them that you have done your research and explain why them.

This is where personalisation is key. Those who copy and paste the same outreach email to multiple affiliates typically leave out the ‘why you’ section as a result.

Why now?

Finally, you need to answer the question – why now? Why should an affiliate act on your email now? If you have an offer or something that is time-sensitive, then this is usually something that is worth including in this section of the email. Before you hit send, check that you have included all of the important details that show the affiliates why they should reply.

Why is this formula important?

Affiliates want to read emails that are short and to the point, without pages of detail about a brand attached. Sure, if they request more information, you can send it over, but this isn’t necessary for general outreach emails.

Emails need to be succinct and if you can confirm that you have answered these three questions in your email, you’ll know that you have set up a well-structured email. It is much more likely that you’ll get a good answer or response back.

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