Affiliate Drive Time – What does an Affiliate Manager do?

What does an affiliate manager do? This is a question we see asked time and time again – and it can be something that is a little tricky to define. Affiliate managers can step into a variety of different roles as they work to ensure that their courses succeed.

In this week’s episode of Affiliate Drive Time, Lee-Ann talks through what an affiliate manager does and some of the tasks that a good manager will do if they want to succeed. Check out the episode below and keep reading for more information about this role.

Managing the program

First and foremost, an affiliate manager will have to manage the program. This is an easy way of stating something quite complicated. Many affiliate managers take on the role of the bridge between the affiliate and the business offering the service or product. However, there is a range of functions that they can fulfil in addition to this.

Some will administer campaigns, others will be managing payments, and some analysing the performance of campaigns and various tracking tools. These are just some of the tasks required by an affiliate manager – in addition to market research and compliance checks to ensure that the program is always to the highest of standards.

A changing role

Depending on the sector that you work in, you might discover that the role of an affiliate manager varies slightly. One working in the iGaming sector is going to have a very different job role compared to one who works for a retail affiliate network.

While there will be an overlap, there are other areas that do not match up. Learning how other sectors operate and taking certain aspects from a different sector can help you to become a better affiliate manager overall. Those searching for a varied role in a changing landscape should flourish here.

Willingness to be flexible

Since this is such a varied role, an affiliate manager needs to have a flexible approach to their operations. One moment you might be dealing with a customer inquiry, the next you could be checking the stats on the latest advertising campaign the program has launched.

There needs to be a desire to learn, and a willingness to jump into whatever role is required at any given moment. Though it might not seem like it, the role of an affiliate manager can be quite hands-on in places.

Those entering an industry, or taking the jump up from being an affiliate to becoming an affiliate manager will find a lot waiting for them. This is a role that often has to be learned on the job, but it can be exceptionally rewarding for those willing to put the work in. The role of the affiliate manager might be difficult to precisely define, but that is only because there are so many facets that make this job what it is.

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