Affiliate Drive Time – Segmentation of your program traffic

What is the percentage of affiliates that you need in your program in order to make sure that you have a healthy, functioning affiliate program?

In a recent scoping call with a client, Lee-Ann was asked this question and she thought that it would be great to talk about this topic in a bit more detail in this week’s Affiliate Drive Time. Check out the video to find out Lee-Ann’s thoughts and read on to learn more in our blog below.

How many different types of affiliates should you have?

The question isn’t really about the number of affiliates that you have on board in your program but rather how many different types of affiliates. There are tons of different types of affiliates from content-based affiliates to vouched based affiliates. It is vital that your affiliate program is made up of the right mixture of traffic sources in order to make sure that your affiliate program is healthy and functioning.

When deciding on the types of affiliates and the quantity of affiliates in those sectors that you need, you must consider your other marketing activity. This will determine how you top up your brand reach and also your engagement with the different sources of traffic.

Spread your traffic

If there is one tip that Lee-Ann could give those hoping to maintain a healthy program it is to avoid putting all of your eggs in one basket. You need to know where your customers are coming from and this will help you to determine the right sources of traffic.

It isn’t just about the quantity of affiliates but also the quality of the traffic that they are providing you with. You should never just rely on one or two affiliates to deliver the results that you need. For more on this – check out this previous Affiliate Drive Time episode that Lee-Ann published on the 80/20 rule.

Try lots of different campaigns

Often, you need to try a lot of different campaigns to really achieve the results that you require. If you are sticking with one kind of traffic source, then you could be missing out. Test out some influencers, try paid media, work on SEO and don’t forget to test CPA and voucher codes.

It doesn’t really matter what kinds of traffic you’re getting, its more about making sure that the traffic is valuable. If it is bringing the right customers to your business, you’ll know that you are getting the mix right.

Grow your program this year

If you are an affiliate manager who is hoping to grow their program and make sure that they have the right types of traffic sources – our training might help. The doors to the next AMPP program are closing soon but we’ll have another session coming again shortly. Click here to find out more about AMPP and what it can offer you.

Don’t forget that Lee-Ann will be back next week with more tips that can help you in your affiliate marketing journey. Subscribe to our YouTube channel so you never miss an episode.


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