Affiliate Drive Time – Week 7: Recruitment

In this week’s Affiliate Drive Time, Affiverse CEO and founder Lee-Ann Johnstone tackles the topic of recruitment in the digital marketing sector.

‘Google is always your friend’

“Look at some of the keywords that you want to be ranking for in your own affiliate program, and then work backwards and find the affiliates that are ranking for those terms in Google searches,” Johnstone suggests.
“More often than not, you’re going to be looking past the first page of results, but it still means that you’ll be able to find affiliates that have good-quality traffic and that you’d be able to do partnership deals with.”

‘Look at terms and conditions page’

“Once you’ve found the affiliate, sometimes it’s often difficult to find their contact information,” she continues. “So looking at things like their terms and conditions page, their cookie disclaimer page, often you’ll be able to find ‘info at…’ or another generic contact term which would then help you to reach out to those affiliates. Events are obviously a great place to meet affiliates too.”

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