Affiliate Drive Time – Week 6: The Five Forces

In this week’s Affiliate Drive Time,  AI CEO Lee-Ann Johnstone talks about planning and why it’s so important to plan an affiliate program launch.
“I speak to a lot of customers who have done all the preparation that they need to do to build an affiliate program, but sometimes they forget to actually plan a marketing campaign to launch their program,” Johnstone begins.
“So one of the things I wanted to talk about today is the [Porter’s] Five Forces that you need to look at to create a marketing plan to effectively launch your affiliate program.
“The first step is to always know your competition. The second step is to know how many of your competitors are in the same space. The reason why you need to know this is that it will effect the way you negotiate deals with your affiliates.”
If you want to find out the other free forces, and how they relate to your affiliate business, read Johnstone’s in-depth comment piece that was published on Affiverse earlier this week here.
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