ai for affiliate marketing unveils world’s first Generative AI for Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate technology innovator,, has released a first of its kind: the world’s first generative AI for affiliate marketing. This new platform will allow advertisers to sign up and integrate their network API credentials as part of Awin or networks.

This platform is the first to harness generative AI technology designed for the sake of the affiliate industry, bringing about a shift in how affiliate marketing can be managed and optimised.

How does it work?

When asked about the innovation, Rob Berrisford, the CEO of, said, “Our platform is engineered to redefine the contours of affiliate marketing. By fostering a seamless integration for advertisers within the Awin and Impact networks, we’re paving the way for unparalleled efficiency and performance in affiliate campaigns.”

The platform is powered by generative AI technology that can autonomously pull, analyse, and give commentary on affiliate network data. This allows the technology to not only simplify the operational complexities but also allows campaigns to more closely align with the advertisers’ objectives and audience preferences by augmenting the ROI.

The platform’s intuitive interface is built entirely on Microsoft Teams and Slack, to ensure a seamless experience for advertisers, right from onboarding to scaling their affiliate marketing campaigns. The integration process is streamlined, requiring advertises to just sign up and add their network API credentials to kickstart their journey towards enhanced affiliate marketing outcomes.

The importance of AI

AI is quickly becoming a hot topic in the affiliate marketing industry, with new platforms aiding old issues across industries every day. However, innovation in affiliate marketing has yet to be impacted in the same way has with its innovative platform. As yet, platforms pop up that solve small problems, automate the tedious, and streamline the complicated, but never before has one been especially designed for the affiliate marketer.

However, this is just the beginning. We have covered over various podcasts, panels and think pieces, just how effective AI can be to better aid affiliate marketing. Rob Berrisford himself expressed his interest in artificial technology and its effect on affiliate marketing on the Affiverse Affiliate Marketing Podcast, saying:

“True, there are a lot of much older (in timescale) points of view. Companies that are built on machine learning and kind of a subset of AI. So, a lot of the published discovery and even, I think, most big companies will have a version of AI at their core. But in terms of generative, I haven’t seen anyone else.”

With the general availability launch, is poised to set a new benchmark in the affiliate marketing landscape. Advertisers on the Awin and Impact networks are now empowered to leverage the transformative potential of generative AI, ushering in a new era of data-driven, highly optimised affiliate marketing campaigns.

You can find the new platform at Sign up today to try the innovative technology for yourself.


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