A selection of our best podcasts for you to go back and listen to

One month from today, it’ll be exactly a year since we released our first podcast. Since then, we’ve had the privilege of gaining insights from some of the industry’s most-knowledgeable figures. 

A range of topics have been covered, including SEO, unique markets and entrepreneurship – plus many more. 

Here are five of the best that you should give a listen to. 

Is SEO still alive? – Eitan Gorodetsky, Betsson Group 

In the first podcast we released, we spoke to Betsson Group’s Head of SEO & PPC Eitan Gorodetsky. Eitan spoke about the relevance of SEO in affiliate marketing today, as well as whether or not voice search is important in the gaming industry. 

Affiliate entrepreneurship and engaging an audience – Erik Bergman, Great.com

Erik Bergman is a man with plenty of experience in getting ideas in iGaming up and running. Formerly the founder of affiliate giant Catena Media, Bergman recently launched Great.com. Great.com is an organisation with a particular focus on charity work. 

Erik spoke about the key components that will determine the success of Great in the future, along with providing advice to new affiliates. 

The role of affiliates in responsible gambling – Jesper Søgaard, Better Collective 

As part of our Responsible Gambling Week series, we spoke to Better Collective CEO Jesper Søgaard. Headquartered in Copenhagen, Better Collective is one of the iGaming industry’s leading affiliates and Jesper was one of the company’s original founders. 

Jesper spoke about the challenges facing affiliates in the context of responsible gambling, while also explaining why they are particularly important for player safety. 

Affiliate marketing in the US – Alexander Kostin, AmericanGambler.com

AmericanGambler.com is relatively new to the affiliate scene, having launched in 2019. Since then, it has expanded into a number of US markets. 

In this podcast, Alexander talked through the five main things he learned while launching his new affiliate business. He also identified what he would change and do now, if he was to restart from scratch. 

Geotargeting in the US market – Sarah McChesney-Gordon, Fresh8 Gaming 

Another US-focused podcast for you – this time looking at things from more of a player engagement perspective. Sarah McChesney-Gordon is Client Services Director for Fresh8 Gaming. 

Sarah spoke in particular about the need to end ‘dumb advertising’, while also identifying how you can specifically reach your target audience within certain tailored locations. 

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