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A guide to live streaming on TikTok

Over the past few years, video sharing platform TikTok has enjoyed a meteoric rise in popularity. Users have flocked to the app to share videos and discover new content, with the platform’s highly engaging algorithm cited by many as the reason behind its success.

While prerecorded and expertly edited videos continue to be the most popular type of content on the platform, we’re now seeing an increase in the prevalence of live streamed videos. These are used by brands and businesses to give viewers a more natural insight into their companies and can offer a number of benefits over traditional prerecorded videos. If you’re looking to incorporate live streaming into your TikTok marketing strategy, we’ve got the perfect guide to help you out. Keep reading to find out more.

How does TikTok live streaming work?

TikTok’s normal videos are created by users combining numerous clips together, making use of the app’s various editing tools to create a cohesive video with music, sound effects, stickers, and captions.

When going live, users will broadcast a live feed from their camera directly to their viewers’ feeds. While the editing options for live videos are limited, users can still add effects like filters and stickers to augment the experience. Viewers can comment in real-time on live videos, presenting an opportunity for much deeper engagement between businesses and consumers.

Users can go live on the platform with ease. The feature can be accessed by pressing the ‘+’ symbol and then clicking the ‘LIVE’ option in the bottom right of the screen.

However, TikTok does currently have some limitations in place for live streaming. Users must be over the age of 18 and only accounts with a follower base of over 1000 are allowed to go live.

What are the benefits of going live?

Live streaming is proving ever more popular with TikTok users. The company recently shared some insights that have provided further details on how important live streaming can be for brands.

Research has indicated that around half of TikTok users have made a purchase after watching a live stream. They are 1.6x more likely than non-TikTok users to watch live streams to discover new brands, 1.7x more likely to watch live streams to buy products, and 1.5x more likely to watch live streams to learn more about a brand.

What’s more, TikTok users are 2x more likely than non-TikTok users to put trust in live streams when shopping online, while they are 1.5x more likely than users who don’t watch live streams to say that TikTok is the most trustworthy online shopping platform.

These figures clearly demonstrate just how big online shopping has become on TikTok. Live streaming has played a big part in this, the app is now much more than a simple video-sharing platform.

Ideas for TikTok live streams

So, we’ve covered how live streaming on TikTok works and gone over some of the benefits and opportunities it can offer. But what kind of content works best for live streams? It’s an entirely different format to more traditional prerecorded videos, so the strategy for live streaming content needs to be different too.

Live streams offer brands the chance to give consumers a more personal and detailed insight into the business, with increased opportunities for engagement and interaction.

Interviews and Q&As are some of the most popular types of live streamed content. These are simple and cheap to broadcast, requiring little more than a knowledgeable person in front of the camera to answer questions and queries from viewers.

Behind-the-scenes looks at the inner workings of a business are popular as well. These can be used to give customers an insight into the design and manufacturing process that goes into particular products, working to increase brand trust and reputation.

Tutorials and challenges are also excellent options for live videos. Walk your viewers through the use of one of your products, show them how to use it properly, provide insider information, and answer any questions that may arise during the stream.


Live streaming on TikTok looks set to continue its upward trend. It can offer consumers something a little different and can be used by brands who are looking to maximize their content strategy and drive up viewer engagement. Follow the tips we’ve outlined above and make the most out of live streaming on TikTok.

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