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A content creator’s greatest lesson: Adapt to survive

Adapting is the best way to survive. This is true of most facets of life, and especially true for an affiliate manager, but it might be frightening for a content creator to consider. The apps encourage consistency, and the workload forces you to do a lot, so to change when you find that the content just isn’t hitting the way you expect it to, is a daunting thought. Well, we’re here to tell you that if you adapt your way out of your rut as a content creator it is in fact very helpful to your brand, your growth, and your marketing opportunities. Read our guide to find out how:

It gives you more diverse content

Adapting to a new genre or format of content creation is great for a brand. It allows you to expand. You can start a second channel with a different angle, start a podcast, start streaming, or any number of options that will allow you to reach another audience. They will all have variations in demographics and have their own marketing opportunities. This means you can have multiple affiliate marketing partnerships coming from various channels, on various platforms.

It’s a method of avoiding burnout

Disclaimer: no one is saying that changing your content will entirely avoid burnout. Burnout is to be taken seriously and simply changing what you’re working on, rather than your work method and how much you are working, will not avoid burnout.

However, it could renew your interest in your content. A common comment on burnout is that many creators say they are getting bored of the thing they once loved. Often, content creators start not as a brand but as a person who simply wants to share their hobby online. If that then feels like work, you might lose the passion for the thing you once loved.

Our tip is that you might need to find something new to love, and if that scares you because you think the audience won’t be interested, read on to see that shifting gears might actually help you.

It allows the viewer to arrive for you, not for your content

The idea of changing your content to adapt might cause you to wonder if the audience will come with you on your new journey. It’s true you might need a sizeable audience before you make this shift, and it’s true a few stragglers might just decide they only watched you for what you were talking about, but you might be surprised at how many people stick around. Users consume their content not in spite of who is presenting it, but because of it. The personality is what sells most of it, and if the audience likes you enough, they will stick around to see what you do next. Remember, if you’re bored of your content, it’s likely your audience is, too.

Shift genres or shift formats?

The two most common ways to adapt your content are to switch up your genre or switch up your format. The latter is usually a matter of necessity. For example, if you were one of the famous Viners during the Vine era, you were likely a part of the “invasion” of YouTube when the short-form video app shut down. Additionally, if you get banned from Twitch, you’re likely to show up on YouTube, or vice versa.

Vine is also a lesson in adapting: six seconds was too short to do anything with, Vine refused to change, got bought out, died a death, and years later we have TikTok filling the short form video gap in the market.

The other way to go is to adapt the genre of your content. There are a lot of examples of big content creators shifting gears whether due to simply getting bored or their genre dying out, and it is treating them very well. Did you know, for example, that Mr “Jimmy Donaldson” Beast, the biggest YouTuber in the world, started out playing Minecraft? It wasn’t taking off the way the genre had led us all to believe, so he switched gears and essentially made his own genre of charitable content creation. H3H3 was once a skit and reaction channel, putting out 10-minute videos that gave the idea of trying too hard. Nowadays they are known as the H3 podcast where their more natural sense of humour and back and forth with the crew is explicit.

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