888poker announces big global plans for 2020

Members of the 888poker affiliate program will have plenty to promote this year, with ambitious plans announced for 2020.

The brand will be repeating last year’s LIVE tour, which was popular among players and industry members alike. And alongside the cities it’ll be visiting, there’s the annual World Series of Poker.

Where is 888poker going?

This year’s 888poker LIVE tour will get started in Spain. The brand will be at Madrid’s Casino Gran Via between January 23rd and February 3rd, before heading to Valencia two weeks later.

Elsewhere in Spain, 888poker will visit the port city of Málaga from April 20th-26th. It’ll be in Barcelona a month after that, and then Sevilla for the beginning of summer. Alicante will welcome the 888 entity in September, before they return to the Spanish capital in November.

In other parts of Southern Europe, 888poker will also be making its way to Malta in October.

Heading East and North

888poker won’t just be staying in warmer climates. From September 1st-7th, the LIVE tour will be based in Tallinn – the capital of Estonia. They’ll also be in Sochi, Russia, from August 6th-14th and the Romanian city of Bucharest in March.

During the same week as the iGB Affiliate London, the 888poker London Weekend will be held at Aspers Casino in the UK’s capital. The venue is located in Stratford, which is in the east of the city.


Affiliates on the 888 program will no doubt be excited about this grand tour, which covers multiple corners of Europe – plus Las Vegas, Nevada.

Poker is one of various verticals that can be promoted via the operator’s platform. sports and casino are both included too.

A worldwide event will naturally attract worldwide affiliates, with a diverse range of native tongues. In addition to English, the 888 program is available in multiple different languages – including Russian, Italian, German and French.

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