3 awesome tools to use for video content for your YouTube channel

YouTube is a fantastic tool that many affiliates need to make use of when creating awesome content for their wider program. Not everyone needs to be an expert videographer to be able to make the right type of content for their YouTube channel. Here are some of the tools that you could use to make interesting and engaging content for you.


Moovly is an online editor that can be used to create professional video content quickly and efficiently. One of the best reasons to choose it can be for its easy-to-use animations and transitions. This will allow you to create engaging and flexible content that can be used across a variety of videos on your YouTube channel. You can even add music and other embellishments here in the video editor.

Having transitions and animations help to make the video feel dynamic and will engage the audience in ways that straight video content will not. As an affiliate, you might be passing on exciting deals or information about some of your favourite sites. Not only will the transitions and animations help to engage your viewers, but they will also enable you to pass on fresh content and explanations to them in a manageable and understandable way.

Lapse It

Available on both iPhone and Android, Lapse It is a great tool to help you capture time-lapse videos. Time-lapses always add something special to a video – you could just be showing you working in your office, or you could create your own time-lapsed b-roll to use across some of your videos.

Lapse It is a great option to choose if you want to include these types of effects in the content for your YouTube channel, and they have both a free and a paid version. On top of the time lapse controls, you can also make stop-motion videos – so you are able to create some really interesting content all within the one app.

Social Blade

Social Blade is not so much for creating content, but more for managing it. As an affiliate, you want to create content for your YouTube channel that will help to boost your marketing strategy. You need a way to be able to track this accurately, so you can be certain that you are indeed delivering the best strategy and gathering the results that you want.

One of the tools that you will need at your side is Social Blade. At its very basic, it can show you subscribers, video views, and estimated earnings on any channel, and you can compare up to three channels all at the same time. This is just a fraction of what this tool is able to offer YouTube creators, and it can even offer insights into other social media channels too.

Running a YouTube channel as part of your affiliate marketing strategy means that you have to be committed to finding the best tools to help your content stand out. The above resources should help you to make valuable and interesting content that can be used to educate and engage your existing audience, while also potentially introducing potential new customers to your brand.

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