1account: Free to play games are back on the (regulated) market!

1account are on a mission to help affiliates re-monetise regulated market traffic, and here’s how they’re doing it…
With affiliate marketing in the gaming industry more competitive than ever, affiliates must continually improve their content, products and services to keep on top of the latest trends. Added to this, regulations are always changing and tightening under scrutiny from operator partners, regulators and watchdogs. While engaging reviews and exclusive welcome bonuses are useful tools, a particular feature favoured by online players is the demo games that affiliates offer. However in tightly regulated markets, such as the United Kingdom and Romania, restrictions have been introduced to prevent minors from accessing free to play casino games. 


Regulation today

In the UK, the Gambling Commission’s LCCP Social Responsibility Code Provision 1.1.2 was updated in July 2019 to state that free to play games may be accessed by anyone under the age of 18. The regulator has emphasised that the responsibility for this falls to the licensee, which means that if you do not age verify visitors to your site for any demonstration games, you are actually risking your operator partner’s license! Conversely, if you don’t offer free-to-play games, you may be losing out on an excellent opportunity to convert players – particularly if you are working on a CPA basis. 


With the regulatory requirements ever-increasing, it naturally becomes challenging for smaller affiliates to remain cost-effective, as margins are squeezed with the various obligations involved. That’s exactly why we’re reaching out to offer our industry-leading age verification software tools, completely free of charge. It’s quick and simple to integrate and ensures that your affiliate site is fully compliant with all local regulations. We do all the checks in the background for you, so you don’t need to worry about relying on a flimsy player ‘self-verified’ approach (where players could simply enter a false date of birth to gain unauthorised access).

Offering workable affiliate solutions

1account’s solution ingeniously streamlines the overall user experience and necessitates merely the minimum personal details from the player in order to accurately verify their age – in most cases just name, date of birth, address and mobile number. In just a few clicks, both you and your operator partner will be able to confidently allow access to a verified player, who is then able to try out the free game before deciding whether to deposit and play on the operator’s site. 
In fact, they’ve recently supported Slots Calendar to integrate our age verification technology into their casino affiliate site, and using our robust, yet streamlined system, they’ve seen successful age verification ratios for their players, of over 95%. 
They have an easy-to-use integration guide and offer full support to enable you to embed the technology into any existing site infrastructure. This opens up a vast opportunity for you to offer the full suite of features for players, while also ensuring compliance and protecting your affiliate business from the wrath of the regulators! 
In case you needed any more reason to consider adopting this technology, let us finish by reminding you that it’s free of charge to all approved affiliates, and 1account has also recently been shortlisted for a prestigious SBC award for Fraud & Compliance Solution of the Year!  Click HERE and get your affiliate site set up now!
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