Why events are critical for affiliate growth

As an affiliate, you need to make sure that you are staying on top of any opportunities that come your way. It can be easy to get comfortable with the brands you are currently partnered with but if you aren’t seeing a good ROI, you might want to start looking for new options.

For many years now, affiliates and big brands have planned their years around the biggest industry events. At these events, opportunities present themselves and they are often not to be missed. However, in 2020, most events were cancelled and so affiliates were left to find alternatives.

So, are events really critical for affiliate growth or do the alternatives present the same opportunities?

Networking opportunities

While on the outside an award show or a big industry event might look like a place where attendees are simply having fun – many people actually see these as networking opportunities. Some of the biggest iGaming events for example have brands from around the world coming together and you won’t find anything like this online.

Without events, these networking opportunities aren’t quite there as there really is no alternative for a face to face conversation. Tons of affiliates have managed to create partnerships and leverage better deals at events so they are not to be missed.

Not only do affiliates get the opportunity to network with big brands at events but they can also network with other partners. In this setting, affiliate growth can reach new heights.

Learning more about what makes the industry tick

For an affiliate to truly grow, they must be willing to learn. Affiliate marketing is a complicated industry and things are constantly changing. If you aren’t at the centre of it all – at the biggest industry events – you could be missing out on some seriously crucial information.

Events don’t just have to be awards shows either, they can be conferences with guest speakers or stands. Affiliates then have the opportunity to learn from the experts and get inside information from the source.

You must always be willing to learn more about your industry and your niche and events can be the perfect place to do this. Tons of affiliates have grown by simply attending large events and connecting with like-minded people.

Choosing which events are worth your time

It should be noted that while most events are crucial for affiliate growth, others aren’t always as effective. You must value your time as an affiliate and only attend events that are worthwhile. If you spend most of your year jetting off to Malta or Amsterdam to go to every event, you’ll have less time to work on your affiliate brand.

In addition to that, events can be expensive including the travel costs and the cost of a ticket. So, choose your events wisely and only attend those which will educate you further or allow you to network with those who matter.

We recommend looking into conferences that focus on your niche. Sign up for newsletters and you’ll be the first to hear about the latest events taking place near to you. While events are critical, you don’t need to attend them all.

We update our calendar with the latest industry events so check this out if you are hoping to book a place.

Are there alternatives?

Before the start of the pandemic in 2020, many affiliate marketing veterans believed that events were crucial to any affiliate’s success. While there is still some truth in that, especially for those who are new to the industry, things are slightly different now.

Now, many more industry events are taking place online with a virtual aspect for those who cannot attend. Not only does this mean that you can save money on travel expenses but you can also continue to network without having to leave your home. Virtual events are also taking on hybrid forms with some in-person networking and celebrations alongside the virtual aspect. If you are hoping to attend more events to grow as an affiliate, this might be a viable option for you.

Alternatively, you can learn to network and educate yourself on industry trends using the power of social media. We have touched on social selling before and just how effective it can be. As long as you are targeting the right people and not overwhelming them with sales messages, you can make all kinds of new connections online.

If you are considering doing more social selling in place of events, we recommend that you read some tips and tricks here.

Give them a try

Many of the experts believe that events are absolutely critical for affiliate growth and we tend to agree. You need to build your own reputation in a crowded market and meet those decision-makers who could help you to grow. While you don’t need to attend every single event throughout the year, you do need to connect with those that matter.

Schedule some networking time this year and next to see how you progress. You might be surprised at the opportunities that events bring you, alongside the fun relationships you can build. Wouldn’t it be nice to meet your affiliate manager in person?

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