Why authenticity is the key to perfect affiliate branding

Within a world in which brands are continuously looking or ways to create deeper connections with customers, the word ‘authenticity’ tends to be passed around a lot. Yet for an affiliate platform, achieving authenticity is only possible if marketers are able to be true to themselves in the workplace.

Question to all affiliates – Are you owning your authenticity? 

When you have to hide, you are far less productive. Brand authenticity requires all of us to come out about things ourselves. As leaders who sit behind brands, its our hands that create the advertising.

Therefore, ensuring you are comfortable in your own skin and while also owning the journey around authenticity, it is a critical factor if we want to create an inclusive culture, along with branding which is genuine.

Marketing is better, more genuine and more appealing when you don’t hide who you are and continue to believe in the personality of your brand.

Trust is a key factor when it comes to brand storytelling

This inward-looking approach is an effective one. Marketers who look deep within themselves are the ones who will not be afraid to own up to their own mistakes – this creates much more memorable campaigns.

In order for a brand to gain trust from its consumers, you need to do something which is meaningful in the consumer’s life. Looking at what your audience responds well to and creating promotions around this is the perfect way to start.

Creating a brand with a perfect reputation is the key to success. For example, Amazon are known for their reliable and fast delivery. So be sure to look at the key strengths in which your affiliate platform holds, and tailor your marketing around that.

Another way to achieve an authentic voice is through admitting when you are wrong. Owning a narrative is important, if you don’t do this, you risk looking disingenuous. Facebook did this when they attempted their campaign to spin their data leaks and it was hard to swallow.

You can’t be too disruptive if you want to build trust, and this also applies to brands. The best campaigns are the ones that integrate into your platforms and feel like an authentic part of the experience rather than just being one where you are shoe horned in.

Images are the future of advertisements 

The idea of being authentic is vital important in the world of advertisement. An audience will be able to tell if a picture is staged own not, defining whether it is coming from a place of truth.

Using your gut instinct is the key to being a good photographer. If you can strip your image away and get to the heart, then you have truly captured something great. It is also so important to get to the heart of your story quickly through the use of an image.

So much marketing has too many layers around it, leaning the central and main message unable to filter through – you need heart and personality.

Your story always matters

It is easy for your imaged advertisement to become a gimmick if the story isn’t good in the first place, or if the image doesn’t come from a heartfelt place. Being authentic and true to your subject and brand will create empathy within your audience.

However, marketers must ensure that they are not found guilty of fake authenticity either.

No matter what it might be, as long as you share truth, you reduce your blind sports, allowing more room for constructive criticism and feedback. There is a lot of fake authenticity out there and if it doesn’t come from a real place then the consumer will always find out. So make sure you are true to your brand, whether that is creating an offer which you are passionate about, or designing your site’s interface to make it more homely; personality and honesty is always most appreciated.

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